My letter to the Australian Greens New South Wales Member of Legislative Council (MLC) Cate Faehrmann

To: Cate Faehrmann

Australian Greens

Member NSW Legislative Council

Sunday 07th August 2022

Subject: Your COVID-19 and Climate Change policies.

PDF can be downloaded HERE.

Dear Cate

How are you? My name is Vince Barwinski and I’m an Australian Catholic of Polish descent, born in Sydney Australia in 1962 and a lifetime researcher of National Socialism and Communism. Recently I visited the Greens website to research your policy on COVID-19 and in particular, the ostensible vaccines to combat it. Later, I will discuss your climate change policy.

Rather than Big Pharma, such as the scandal riddled Pfizeri producing our vaccines offshore, you propose that you will produce enough of our own vaccines onshore for everyone by building and operating a publicly-owned mRNA vaccine production facility,ii embodying I imagine a tax-payer funded investment of $250 million over the next two years into Covid-19 vaccine research.iii To which I am reminded of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Sinovax program and its disastrous failure given the recent spate of their starvation zero-COVID-19 lockdowns in a number of its cities, including its largest city of Shanghai, that had for a time, been transformed into the world’s largest ever concentration camp.

On the other hand, our Global Institutionalised Fake News Media (GIFN) virulently push the offshore Big Pharma vaccines. This even, as the glaringly obvious existential failure of these ostensible vaccines in preventing the spread (indeed, even exacerbating it) of a never-ending mutating mRNA COVID-19 virus.iv 1 As alluded to recently by Dr. Robert Malone, even the desperate last stand of the pro-vax narrative that these jabs prevent severe disease is no longer tenable.v Moreover, the numerous adverse reactions, as damningly vindicated by my friend last year upon being jabbed, being unable to walk, talk, eat or swallow for seven weeks, and the head of the Indianapolis-based insurance company One America at the end of 2021, stating that the death rate was up a stunning 40% from pre-pandemic levels among working-age people aged 18 to 64!vi

To paraphrase Dr. Robert Malone;

the obsession with jabs to contain the virus, is akin to giving a three-year-old a hammer, upon which, everything becomes a nail!”


using a hammer to cut a piece of wood!”

As such, he now terms the jabs as inoculations as they have ceased to act as true prophylactic vaccines.vii

And then the irony of a local Detroit American Bolshevik Collective (ABC) network in a September 11, 2021 Facebook post requesting people to share their stories of beloved unvaccinated that had died. Naturally, they wanted to make a big story of what they hoped would be a huge scoop for their pro-pseudo-vax narrative. But what happened next was totally unexpected. In the following five days, over 200,000 (!) people posted comments, but not about unvaccinated beloved ones – rather about vaccinated loved ones that died shortly after being injected, or were permanently disabled. The 200,000 comments revealed a shocking death-wave among the population, and the heart wrenching suffering these injections are causing.viii

All this suppressed by our GIFN and government institutions,ix 2 even to the point of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) officially muzzling our doctors in March 2021 to question the efficacy and safety of these Big Pharma concoctions.x All to which, I am reminded of the following statement by Peter Daszak from the EcoHealth Alliance way back on March 27, 2015. [Yes, March 27, 2015!]

Daszak reiterated that, until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, he said, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCMs (Medical Counter Measures) such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process, Daszak stated.”xi

Given that Peter Daszak from the outbreak of the Virus in Wuhan was complicit in the suppression of all discussion on the Wuhan Lab leak theory,xii which more and more appears to be the most plausible explanation, rather than the natural origin theory, pushed so vehemently by Anthony Fauci, to which no evidence has been forthcoming, I am concerned as to the true agenda of “vaccine” mandates in general.

Hence, in November 2021, I raised my concerns about Peter Daszak, as just stated, in an online query on the Queensland Government website. I received the following preliminary reply from

Thank you for contacting the Queensland Government regarding an explanation for a statement made by Peter Daszak from the EcoHealth Alliance way back on March 27, 2015.

Your email has been forwarded to Queensland Health who will respond to your enquiry.”

I am still yet to hear from Queensland Health.

On January 24, 2022, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin moderated the “COVID A Second Opinion Conference” in Washington DC. In this five hour discussion, a panel of world renowned doctors and medical experts provided a different perspective on the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, [really the complete lack thereof] what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.

Before COVID-19, these doctors and medical experts were world renowned, but upon questioning the official COVID-19 “vaccine” narrative as propagated by the GIFN, they have been vilified from pillar to post as they have put their reputations and livelihoods on the line. Hence, at the opening of my blog summary, I ask the following question:

Why is it that world renowned doctors, scientists and medical professionals pre-CCP-Fauci-Daszak Virus, suddenly become pariahs??? In particular, those attending Senator Johnson’s conference in Washington DC on Monday January 24th 2022?”xiii

One topic discussed in depth, which was suppressed by our GIFN and medical agencies globally, was the pre-COVID-vaccine era early treatment of the CCP-Fauci-Daszak-Gain-Of-Function (GOF) virusxiv within 72 hours of infection with re-purposed, cheap and decades proven safe drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine,xv rather than the toxic and malevolent Fauci strategy of lockdown and do nothing until one is forced into hospital,xvi to be then treated with the Dangerous, Ineffective and Expensive D.I.E. drug REMDESIVIRxvii [Run death is near].xviii This in spite of the fact, that even the ultra-corrupt WHO (Wuhan Health Organisation)xix acknowledged that REMDESIVIR was useless against COVID.xx

Moreover, as Robert Kennedy Junior documented in his must read book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Healthxxi for every literate human being on planet Earth, REMDESIVIR was a drug patented by Gilead Sciences to which Bill Gates, the vaccine marketing crony capitalist and masquerading philanthropist and close friend of Anthony Fauci, had invested a huge share portfolio. Beyond all doubt, Fauci and Gates are the very epitome of the Medical Fascist-Crony Capitalist hybrid. Add their complicity with the CCP, and the Orwellian dystopian trinity of Marxism, Fascism and Crony Capitalism is complete.xxii

On the other hand, brave dissident doctors and medical professionals attending Senator Johnson’s conference, had remarkable success with the aforementioned cheap, safe and very effective treatments of re-purposed drugs, to which this eminently treatable virus and its associated pandemic could have been over by mid-2020 – long before the Big Pharma D.I.E vaccines arrived on the scene.xxiii And no, ivermectin is not just a horse drug, as professed by the GIFN. Rather, it is a multifaceted drug of Nobel prize-honoured distinction with indicated efficacy against the global scourge that became known as COVID-19xxiv – the CCP-Fauci-Daszak-GOF Virus.xxv

For example, by mid-September 2021, the most populous Indian state of Uttah Pradesh (approx 200 million),xxvi bordering Nepal, had remarkably no CCP-Fauci-Daszak-GOF Virus infections. Since then, new cases have emerged but it remains far and away the most successful Indian state in containing the virus.xxvii Moreover, when one looks at the graphs for countries of West Africa at the time with very low vaccination rates like Liberia, Ghana, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Senegal, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Niger we find a confirmation of what the remarkable black American Doctor Ben Carson stated in a December 2021 interview on The Epoch Times “American Thought Leaders” channel:

Well, I think the way out of this is quite easy. We say, “Sorry, we’ve been having tunnel vision and that’s not who we are.” Let’s open this thing up to all the different mechanisms. Let’s look around the world at things that work. Let’s look at the fact that on the western coast of Africa, there’s almost no COVID and let’s ask ourselves why is that? And then you see it’s because they take anti-malarials, particularly hydroxychloroquine. Let’s study that. Let’s see what’s going on there.”xxviii

Yet, developed countries around the world, including Australia have pursued mandates of D.I.E. “vaccines,” whose efficacy, even upon being inflated with the misleading figure of Relative Risk Reduction (RRR), rather than scrutinised with the much more reliable and useful Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR),xxix have been coerced upon people from many professions, including our doctors and nurses. This begs the obvious question; WHY? To which no innocent answer seems forthcoming to me.

Rather, I see a malevolent union of Big Pharma and Big Government. To which I recall the following quote of the former Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini:

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”xxx

Hence, D.I.E. vaccine mandates, by Benito Mussolini’s very definition, are Fascism, or more specifically, Medical Fascism. Yet, in a classical piece of propaganda projection by the GIFN and pro-D.I.E. vaccine mandate politicians, that the genocidal Chinese Communist Party (CCP)xxxi would be proud of, people such as myself, simply aware of our rights as bestowed upon us by God, to which no government or bureaucrat has the right to neither revoke or reinstate, are branded as Nazis, to which applies the more strictly accurate historical term; National Socialists. Of course, for Hitler’s Reich and all communist regimes past and present, the ultimate authority is Big Government, to whom they erroneously perceive of themselves as the ultimate authority and arbiter of our God given rights.

Moreover, at the end of my ten month period teaching English in Poland from early September 2004 to late June 2005, I witnessed two metric tons of human hair at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp Museum, which led to me writing my book The Pastor and the Matriarch of the German Underground and Their Times A Polish Perspectivexxxii which documents in depth, the crimes of National Socialism and Communism. As such, I do not require an agenda driven pack global media or politicians, masquerading as diverse free media or representatives of our Constitutional Monarchy, embracing for example, the Medical Fascism and crumbling narrative of chronically under-tested D.I.E vaccines, amidst the present immune imprinting pandemic of the highly multiple-vaccinated,xxxiii telling me what’s far-right.

What’s amusing for me, is that when I attended the December 2021 Freedom Rally in South Brisbane’s Musgrave Park, at around 3 o’clock, there was a tiny pro-vax Communist march down the street south of Musgrave. They numbered only around 40, which paled into insignificance with the tens of thousands of Freedom people inside the park. Many were from the ultra-left Socialist Alliance, and it was strange to see these radical leftists pushing the agenda of ultra-crony-capitalist Big Pharma. In other words, the quintessential and aforementioned synthesis of corporatism and big government – Fascism. And of course, we are not in any way questioning their right to take the D.I.E. “vaccines,” but they wish to coerce these dangerous jabs upon us. However, the crowning kicker was when they chanted; “you are on aboriginal sacred ground” when all the aboriginals were with us in the park!!xxxiv Including, aboriginal flags hanging alongside American flags.

On your website, I could not immediately ascertain your policy on D.I.E. Big Pharma “vaccine” mandates.xxxv However, after typing in “mandate” into your internal search engine, I came across the article dated February 28, 2022 and titled Six Big COVID Ideas by Dr Shawn, a Perth based GP. In it, he unequivocally states his support of the D.I.E. “vaccine” mandates embodied in principle by the aforementioned Medical Fascism, which I imagine, must imply your unconditional support – albeit with D.I.E. vaccines manufactured onshore.

Nevertheless, if one dies or suffers whatever adverse reaction and/or permanent injury from the D.I.E. immune imprinting “vaccines,”xxxvi whether they are manufactured onshore by a publicly owned entity or offshore is a mute point to say the least. However, no less criminal, would still be your suppression I imagine of the remarkably Safe, Effective and Cheap (S.E.C.) early treatments of re-purposed and now non-proprietary drugs that are ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine – the very antithesis of the Big Pharma D.I.E. vaccines. In short, for the victim, any possible distinction between Medical Fascism and its Socialist variant is irrelevant.

Dr Shawn in his article claimed that vaccine mandates are not new, citing for example Taiwan’s hepatitus B vaccine mandate in the 1980s. However, that vaccine and the others he mentioned had been much more thoroughly tested over ten to twenty years,xxxvii rather than the current COVID-19 D.I.E. “vaccines,” which were only released in December 2020 – implying just months of testing!! Moreover, the contrived and unprecedented diluting of the definition of a vaccine from

A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.”

to merely

A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”xxxviii

A consequence it seems, of the seemingly never ending and increasingly ineffective multiple jabbing of D.I.E. vaccines for a highly mutating mRNA virus, more akin to fanning flames with gasoline in a classical case of what Dr. Robert Malone terms immune imprinting.xxxix The highly dubious pretext being EUA – Emergency Use Authorisation – in service at every single step to the agenda of Big Pharma – not the true well being of humanity.

As a mere electric meter reader, one could argue that I should shut-up and listen to the highly qualified expert Dr Shawn. And indeed, before the outbreak of the CCP-Fauci-Daszak-GOF virus, I would have been more than inclined to agree. However, with revelations since of the corruption which defines so-called “experts” of the WHO – Wuhan Health Organisation and the American Centre for Disease Collusion (CDC) covered for by our obsequious GIFN, as the Jewish-American radio talk-show host and columnist Dennis Prager put it in his Epoch Times Opinion piece;

You are an expert; so what”xl

to which I add;

What’s your agenda?”

After all, it has clearly been agenda driven “experts” such as Anthony Fauci and the mass murdering Ethiopian communist Tedros Adhanomxli that have been major players in leading us down this path of the unfolding Orwellian dystopian trinity of Marxism, Fascism and Crony Capitalism.

To further fan my mistrust of the GIFN and synonymous political narrative, on Saturday the 23rd July 2022, I discovered that in 2017 and 2018, hundreds of millions of COVID-19 Test Kits were distributed worldwide. YES, I REPEAT, in 2017 and 2018, hundreds of millions of COVID-19 Test Kits were distributed worldwide. Which implies of course, foreknowledge of malevolent players for a coming plandemic that would become known as COVID-19.

Let this sink in for a second: literally hundreds of millions of COVID-19 test kits were exported and imported, all over the world, during 2017 and 2018. Yes, hundreds of millions! Which begs the question, were or are the Australian Greens beholden to these malevolent actors?

This baffling data was discovered by someone on September 5, 2020, who posted it on social media. It went viral all over the world. The next day, on September 6, the WITS [WORLD INTEGRATED TRADE SOLUTION – a department of the World Bank] suddenly changed the original label “COVID-19” into the vague term “Medical Test Kits”. But fortunately their cover up came too late; this critical information was uncovered and is being revealed by millions worldwide, including myself just last Saturday 23rd July 2022.

The PDF that shows the original data of this website can be downloaded at and viewed on the WayBack machine at dated September 5th, 2020 at 21:04:27.xlii

Moreover, from the WayBack Machine on September 6th 2020 at 22:47:12 at you see the new generic term “Medical Test Kits”, but from just fifty minutes earlier at, you find the original and more specific term “COVID-19” given FOR TEST KITS SOLD IN 2017! WHY??? Did malevolent actors have foreknowledge of the coming COVID-19 plandemic? Or was it just pure coincidence that they named them COVID-19 test kits?

Of course, the incessant lying associated with the outbreak of the CCP-Fauci-Daszak-GOFxliii and the global propagation by malevolent bureaucrats far more deadly than the virus they purveyed, of the associated D.I.E. vaccine scam,3 to which the suppression of early treatment through Safe, Effective and Cheap (S.E.C.) and re-purposed drugs, was more than key, are not the only scams or falsehoods propagated to spread global fear and panic. That of course would require one of the most massive books of all time!

To begin with, there is the case of the Californian Sea Change Foundation being funded by Russia via the U.S.–Bermuda–Moscow triangle of money laundering.xliv To which it would be difficult to imagine the coal/oil/gas mining/drilling/burning Vladimir Putin being taken in on the ostensible idealism of the climate change and “renewable”/unreliable energy scams. Rather, the destabilisation of the West through the undermining of its energy independence being his far more plausible motive. To which the blithering, vapid, feckless and incognisant Joe OBiden’s immediate closure of the Keystone Oil Pipeline upon his infraudation in January 2021 is more than poignant.xlv

However, within our shores, there is your puppet Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announcing his intent to plunge Australia head first and blindly into the dual climate change and “renewable”/unreliable energy scam, based on frivolous assertions of dire and extreme global atmospheric CO2 levels,xlvi when in fact, global atmospheric CO2 levels are at one of their lowest levels ever in the entire natural history of the Earth. Hence, a grossly ill-conceived white elephant of a plan with no thought given on its economic, social and environmental impact.

For example, the consequences of forever studding our land with the gargantuan bird killing monstrosities of unreliable power that are wind turbinesxlvii and the use of child labour in Africa for lithium, cobalt etc for the batteries of indulgently expensive electric cars,xlviii and the Western Australian Labor government’s intent to shut down all coal fired power stations by 2030!xlix Again, a superficially benevolent agenda used to mask malevolent intent to undermine our civilisation and fan the growth of malevolent Big Government control of our lives. To reiterate, all under the pretext of the dual climate change and “renewable”/unreliable energy scam.

Given the above, I imagine you would support the lunacy of the Dutch government of Mark Rutte’s bombastically dubbed with Marxian like fervour “People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy”, much so named like the “Democratic” People’s Republic of Korea, to ultimately drive the incredibly efficient Dutch farmers of time and generations immemorial from their farms through the implementation of Global Co-ordinating Secretariat of World Economic Forum Food Innovation Hubs – all in the name of your dual climate change and “renewable”/unreliable energy scams.l The World Economic Forum (WEF) being an entity based in the Geneva canton of Switzerland, ultimately motivated in coercing the world into their diabolical “Great Reset” – “You will own nothing, but you will be happy”, as proclaimed on their websiteli and one of their very own – Ida Auken, one of their Young Global Leaders and Member of their Global Future Council on Cities and Urbanization.lii

Moreover, in 2018, the WEF commenced a “Great Reset” of Sri Lanka’s economy dubbed “Vision 25” through which it was promised that Sri Lanka would become rich and prosperous by 2025.liii Hmmm….to which I ask you…how is that going??? To me, it’s more like one of the final lines of 1848 Communist Manifesto:

The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.liv

And is this what is planned for Holland today by their PM and servile WEF sycophant globalist puppet Mark Rutte, as he implements their ostensibly altruistic but in reality dystopian Orwellian trinity of Marxism, Fascism and Crony Capitalism that has killed the canary in the coal mine that has become Sri Lanka??

And do you support WEF Young Global Leader Jacinda Ardern’slv agenda to tax New Zealand farmers’ cows and sheep for farts and burpslvi in the name of your dual climate change and “renewable”/unreliable energy scam??

And do you support the WEF’s “Space Bubble shield concept to counter the effects of climate change by reflecting the sun’s rays”??lvii A proposal one could see spawning from the evil head of Spectre from James Bond or Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. Hmmm … the executive chair of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, seems to fulfil that role perfectly …. although minus the Persian cat! [Not that I have anything against cats!]

In any event, if you support such obviously hair brained schemes of these sociopaths in Geneva, each more hair brained than the last, then, in all likelihood, you support the following, or are all too willing to look the other way:

Ronald Bernard was directly working with the highest people of the financial elite, who effectively rule the world. He was very good at moving their massive money flows, in such a way that nobody could discover their criminal practices. At a certain point they invited him to join their Holy Mass in the Churches of Satan. Bernard found it amusing to see the naked women, and enjoy the drugs and alcohol. The next step however shook him: he was invited to participate in the sacrificing of children. He discovered that most people who operate at the highest financial levels of our world are all part of a religion called Luciferianism, where children are sacrificed.”lviii [In part, performed as a means of mutual blackmail to ensure perpetual compliance by all members of this malevolent garbage global elite!]

Sounds far fetched? What about Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and their private island? And the D.I.E. jabbing/sacrifice of six-month-old babies endorsed by the American CDC, the former being far more likely to die of the D.I.E. jab than the virus?lix And the damning evidence from the UK, further exemplifying the morally unconscionable agenda of “vaccinating” our children,lx in spite of the obvious age-stratification of the virus in their favour.lxi As the recently deceased but heroic Dr. Vladimir Zelenko would say; “Are you into child sacrifice?” To which, given I imagine your grief with the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the U.S. Supreme Court, could it be in the name of the Canaanite God of Child Sacrifice Molech?lxii Hence, in conclusion, given your seemingly common thread philosophy of:

never let a crisis go to waste to promote Big Government growth and power … ”

collectively embodying your approach to the CCP-Fauci-Daszak-GOF virus and the dual climate change and “renewable”/unreliable energy scam, I ask you:

To whom are you truly beholden?4

Because as I see it, it’s certainly not the people of Australia, but rather, the darkest agenda ever conceived by humanity. Moreover, with a lifetime study of National Socialism and Communism, I do not declare this lightly. And indeed, neither does Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav.lxiii

Yours with the gravest sincerity

Vince Barwinski

1 I source The Epoch Times extensively in this letter, even though the Global Institutionalised Fake Media (GIFN) maintain they are far-right. However, this is an outright lie, as proven by the All Sides Media Bias Rating at They deem The Epoch Times bias rating as “Lean Right, though perhaps close to Center.” See also the explanation on All Sides Media unique Blind Bias Rating Method – kind of like “Lady Justice should be blind” at

3 Purveyors of disease will always sell the cure! See also the photo I took at the December 18th Freedom Rally at in regard to the “War on COVID.” Moreover, in the crumbling Weimar Germany of the early 1930s, Hitler’s National Socialists proclaimed they were the party to restore “order” even as they purveyed chaos. Yes indeed, they did restore order, but at what cost?

4 The Executive Chair of the WEF; Klaus Schwab since its inception in 1971 as the European Management Forum, which was renamed the WEF in 1987, was born on March 30th 1938 in Ravensburg Germany near the Swiss border. His father Eugen was managing director of the Swiss company Escher-Wyss, which used slave labour and Allied prisoners of war, as well as producing key technologies for the production of atomic bombs for Adolf Hitler. See and and The Wikipedia article at states that Klaus’ birth mother was Erika Epprecht, but this is a lie. His biological mother was the Jewess Emma Kilian who abandoned Klaus on December 9th 1938 fleeing to New York about one month following Reichskristallnacht – National Night of Broken Glass when Jewish businesses and establishments were vandalised all over Germany. The genealogical data for Emma Kilan proving her as the biological mother of Klaus Schwab is at See also In short, it seems the Australian Greens are beholden to a child of National Socialism, who with religious like zeal, has dedicated his life to the inexorable encroachment of Big Government into every aspect of our lives. Thus embodied in his philosophy of Stakeholder Capitalism embracing in truth the aforementioned Orwellian dystopian trinity of Marxism, Fascism and Crony Capitalism. See AND In the latter, it can be seen that he dedicates his book STAKEHOLDER CAPITALISM to his parents Eugen Wilhelm Schwab and Erika Epprecht [to reiterate, in reality Erika is his step-mother, not his biological mother] who both taught him first-hand the value of education, collaboration, and the stakeholder principle. However, I think it is safe to say that at present, the brave Dutch farmers do NOT share his and what seems to me, the Australian Green’s enthusiasm for his STAKEHOLDER CAPITALISM.

iii Ibid.

xv See for comparing the safety of COVID-19 vaccines with early treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. To put it mildly, this is damning in regard to claims stating that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe while decades proven safe medications like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are supposedly dangerous.

xvi and search for text “Dr. Merrick then drily clarified what the NIH protocol was:”.

xix See OR on how the WHO covered for the CCP in regard to the outbreak of the CCP-Fauci-Daszak-GOF virus.

xx The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.

xlii See also and search for text “sold in 2017 and 2018”.

xlv In regard to the rampant electoral fraud in the U.S. 2020 November election, see the complete Chapter 29 excerpt of my book at Also, the incontrovertible proof in Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary 2000 Mules released in early May 2022 at,, or

xlvi See the graph on page 38 of Patrick Moore’s great book “Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom, ISBN-13: 979-8-5685-9550-2

liv The Devil and Karl Marx: Communism’s Long March of Death, Deception, and Infiltration by Paul Kengor, published by Tan Books, 2020, ISBN 1505120055, 9781505120059. See also the YouTube interview of Paul Kengor by Joshua Philipp at or The Epoch Times Youmaker platform at from 1 minute and 37 seconds. As well, from the Marxist mouthpiece itself at All accessed on Sunday February 14, 2021.

Photo taken by me at the Musgrave Park Freedom Rally South Brisbane Saturday 18th December 2021.
Dr. Robert Malone’s “first rule of holes: ‘WHEN IN ONE, STOP DIGGING!!’” From 27 minutes
The Epoch Times interview of Dr. Pierre Kory dated July 26th 2022.
The Epoch Times interview of Dr. Pierre Kory dated July 26th 2022.
Dr. Robert Malone’s dry sense of humour is again most poignant.
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