Summary of COVID A Second Opinion Conference Washington DC Monday 24th January 2022

NOTE: This is presently a work in progress as the entire conference took almost five hours. At present, this post only goes up to 3 hours and 18 minutes into the conference. Bear in mind, the conference in the video commences at the forty minute mark. Hence, this post goes up to the 3 hours and 58 minute mark of the video with Dr. Merrick referring to how a child is 1,000 times more likely to die on bicycle, thereby compelling the banning of bicycles. This quip being prompted by the tragic story as told by Senator Johnson of a Vietnamese teenage girl on her second jab dying less than one week before the conference!

As you read my summary, keep asking yourself the COMMON SENSE question that Facebook “FACT” Checkers and Marxist Stream Media DO NOT want you to ponder. Namely;

“Why is it that world renowned doctors, scientists and medical professionals pre-CCP-Fauci-Daszak Virus, suddenly become pariahs??? In particular, those attending Senator Johnson’s conference in Washington DC on Monday January 24th 2022.”

On Monday 24th January 2022 in Washington DC, the Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson moderated a panel discussion dubbed COVID-19: A Second Opinion. To put it mildly, in this five hour discussion, a panel of world renowned doctors and medical experts provided a different perspective on the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.

More emphatically however, it is an alternative perspective counter to the ubiquitous censorship perpetrated by global mainstream media; itself beholden to the hijacking of medicine and science globally in the name of Big Pharma global profit and power. Corrupt governments globally, themselves wed to this corporate agenda, ostensibly claim this union, the very epitome of Fascism as proclaimed by Benito Mussolini,i to be for the “greater good of humanity.” But in truth, is the alibi of tyrants – to which these brave doctors, scientists, medical professionals and indeed ordinary people, put their reputations and careers on the line to expose.

1) The conference begins at 40:19 (minutes:seconds) into the video with Senator Johnson’s address. At 43 minutes, he states that there is still much to learn about COVID but at the same time, how much about COVID has been shrouded in fear by global official health agencies aided and abetted by their cohorts among the global MSM to facilitate a disastrous “one-size fits all approach.” Typical of which, from almost the outset, has been the destructive and blunt instrument of the lockdown, but more recently, the mandating of ineffective and dangerous vaccines. These fundamental flaws being severely downplayed in a subterfuge of “shifting the goalposts” embodied by diluting the definition of a vaccine from “providing full immunity” to merely “reducing the severity of the disease.” The preservation of the “vaccine narrative,” not the truth of the science, being paramount.

2) From 51:27 Senator Johnson calls his co-chair Dr. Peter McCulloughii to the microphone. Dr. McCullough started by stating that he had organised his comments upon the “Four Pillars of Pandemic Response” which he outlined in November 2020 and reaffirmed as follows:

  • Limit the spread. Spread is from symptomatic to a susceptible person. Not from an asymptomatic.

  • Early Treatment. Two bad outcomes with COVID-19 are hospitalisations and deaths. There are 217,000 peer reviewed papers on PubMed, of which 94,000 deal with hospitalisations, deaths and treatment. 26,279 deal with vaccines and 1,417 deal with treatment but only a small fraction of the latter deal with early treatment.

  • Hospital Care. Unfortunately, two years into the pandemic, no single hospital in the US can truly hold itself up as a centre of excellence in regard to the care COVID-19 patients. In particular, the absence of any focus on early treatment.

  • Vaccination. It has become the pillar of the COVID-19 response. However, never before in human history, have vaccines been widely administered in the middle of a pandemic – as Dr. McCullough stated from 56 minutes in. Moreover, this is symptomatic of what Dr. McCullough terms “indiscriminate vaccination.”

3) From 58 minutes, Dr. Ryan Cole related the story of a 50 year-old man who phoned him about a year before. He was obese and a type I diabetic. Distressed, he cried out; “Help, I have COVID. I am on my way to the ER. My oxygen is 86 and I have excruciating pain in my lungs.” To which Dr. Cole replied; “You are going to the pharmacy. Don’t go to the ER.” Dr. Cole called in some early treatment medications which he said would not be named. Two hours later, his patient called to inform him that his previously 9 out of 10 lung pain had dropped to 2. Another six hours later the following morning, his patient called again to inform him that his oxygen saturation level had risen to 98%. To which Dr. Cole replied; “Isn’t that fantastic! Early treatment works!” His patient was his brother. Dr. Cole’s story has been recounted in Robert F. Kennedy’s very recent book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.

An upper respiratory virus only replicates for a week or so. After that, standard tests only pick up the residual of the disease, from which point, the virus becomes inflammatory and for COVID in particular, a clotting one. For eons we have known how to treat these conditions. Hence, the notion that nothing can be done for the patient at this stage, until his or her lips turn blue so to speak, is, like so many other assertions originating from official sources, such as the “esteemed” Anthony Fauci, based on a false premise.

4) From 1:02:00, Harvard researcher Dr. Harvey Risch talks of the MSM media’s maligning of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in 2020 and quoting of fallacious studies designed to discredit it. In part, the hiding of positive results for HCQ and the use of low risk subjects irrelevant to such a study. He then outlines the studies with charts affirming the effectiveness of HCQ in early treatment to dramatically reduce hospitalisations and mortality. These studies encompassed 40,000 participants in two countries. The fact that MSM refused to report them, does not imply they and their results do not exist.

Moreover, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) based its 2020 revocation of HCQ based on trials using hospitalised patients. However, as already highlighted, HCQ is not intended for hospital use, but rather for early or outpatient use. Dr. Risch stated, that this amounts to nothing less than fraud. Time and time again, official agencies seem obsessed with discrediting cheap and effective drugs for the benefit of profits of Big Pharma.

Dr. Risch also revealed how Senator Johnson twice requested the data from the FDA that compelled them to revoke the use of HCQ. Both of his requests were refused.

5) From 01:10:28 Dr. Pierre Kory proclaimed his exhaustion with the incessant failure of the US medical system in handling the pandemic. Moreover, there was not enough time available that day for Dr. Kory to elaborate upon the innumerable failed policy responses, which he found borders upon the obscene and unspeakable. Much of which, are rooted in the medical profession subverted to the demands of the Big Pharma agenda rather than the well being of the people they have sworn to serve. In his conclusion at 1:17:00 to 1:18:00 he stated that the ubiquitous censorship inflicted upon re-purposed medicines and early treatment to promote Big Pharma’s dangerous and under-tested medications and vaccines, constitutes a crime against humanity, given the avoidable mortality rates and unnecessary denial of basic liberties globally, precipitating the synonymous destruction of lives.

6) From 01:19:00 Dr. Richard Urso highlighted the following:

  • Why were symptoms such as inflammation and blood clotting not treated given the numerous safe medications available.

  • Why was the deadly and expensive REMDESIVIR often administered after two or so weeks, given it only kills the replicating virus which itself only replicates for seven to eight days at the most? (01:22:00) As such, Dr. Urso dubbed REMDESIVIR a “one-trick pony.”

  • From 01:25:00 Dr. Urso answered Senator Johnson’s question as to why other doctors were not using such logical treatments. Essentially, it was out of fear which compelled them to comply with the compassionless protocols of the National Institute of Health (NIH.)

7) From 01:27:00 Dr. McCullough asked how many people in the room had contracted COVID-19. Seventy percent raised their hands. Then he asked how many in the room have witnessed censorship, intimidation or professional reprisal and damage for their advocacy of patients. Eighty percent raised their hands.

8) From 01:28:00 Dr. Christina Parks, a black doctor emphatically stated that there is an avalanche of evidence that the spike protein is toxic. Yet, according to conventional medical wisdom, there is no problem with Big Pharma vaccines themselves upon injection, replicating them prolifically inside the body. Moreover, Dr. Parks stated that the Bristol Medical Centre in England proved that the spike proteins severely disrupt the function of cells supporting the heart. (01:24:20) At 01:29:57 Dr. Parks stated as an African American she was very concerned at the one-size fits all approach of Big Pharma vaccine mandates. Especially given their susceptibility to RNA viruses.

At 01:32:00. Dr. Parks recounted the story of how her father, just days earlier, died from COVID after being denied re-purposed drugs due to the ludicrous COVID-19 protocols. This was in response in Dr. McCullough’s question at 1:31:00 after he highlighted the double mortality of African Americans in hospitals. Namely; “Are African Americans denied early treatment in the community?” After her talk, Senator Johnson stated he had heard countless stories like this and Dr. McCullough announced how there are probably 800,000 stories out there very similar to Dr. Park’s account.

9) From 01:33:30 Dr. Mary Boden, who formerly held medical staff privileges at Houston’s Methodist Hospital was given the opportunity to speak by Dr. McCullough. She opened by stating that while she did not have the academic level of qualifications of her esteemed colleagues present, she was a front line ear, nose and throat double board certified specialist. In America’s fourth largest city she is one of the few resources for early treatment.

Early in the pandemic, when testing was rationed, Dr. Boden was the first to advocate saliva tests which were contact free (01:35:06) and never ran out of supplies. Up to the day of the conference, Dr. Boden had run 80,000 COVID tests. (01:35:15) So many stories she has heard which included people terrified to go to their hospital. (01:35:48)

From 01:36:00, a most poignant case in point being when a chronically ill late sixties diabetic female with an oxygen saturation level of just 82% was recommended by Dr. Boden to go to the hospital. She refused. As a result, Dr. Boden over three days threw the kitchen sink of early treatments at her. Ultimately, she made a full recovery! Moreover, she is just one of 2,000 such similar cases who approached Dr. Boden for treatment.

At 01:36:50 however, the turning point for Dr. Boden was when the wife of a sheriff’s deputy and father of six approached Dr. Boden. Her husband was trapped in the Methodist hospital’s ICU who gave her husband insipid doses of steroids, and refused him breathing treatments or vitamins. The wife subsequently sued the hospital to get her husband the effective treatment required and won with the help of Dr. Boden’s testimony. In spite of Dr. Boden’s spotless record, the hospital refused to grant her privileges – a decision which infuriated an exhausted and frustrated Dr. Boden. Out of the entire city of Houston, there is only one hospital that Dr. Boden feels safe in sending her patients to, and only one doctor she trusts to refer her patients to. Such is the state of medicine in America today and indeed the entire developed world, beholden to the nefarious interests of Big Pharma.

10) From 01:39:00 Dr. Harpal Mangat spoke. He runs a private practice in Germantown Maryland and has treated over a thousand COVID positive patients with good results. He thanked his colleagues for sharing their experiences as he has been through the same.

He highlighted that the virus has two phases. Firstly the early viral [replicative] phase, but after seven to ten days you enter the immune or inflammatory response. Expensive drugs such as REMDESIVIR or much cheaper generic alternatives can be used to treat the first stage, but are ineffective after seven to ten days when you enter the immune or inflammatory response, where steroid treatment is necessary. Many papers were coming out investigating the treatment of the inflammatory stage with the wrong drugs.

Likewise as was the case with Dr. Mary Boden, Dr. Mangat had patients who refused to go to hospital but were willing to use his treatments.

11) From 01:41:00 Senator Johnson announced Dr. Paul Merrick who received his medical degree in Johannesburg South Africa. He has written 500 peer reviewed papers and been cited 48,000 times in such publications as well as writing eighty book chapters. Such are esteemed medical professionals pre-COVID now vilified by agenda driven global Mainstream Media and Big-Pharma-compromised medical agencies both domestically and internationally. Anthony Fauci’s NIAID, the WHO and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with its global reach, being poignant cases in point.

Dr. Merrick is a critical care doctor with 35 years of experience in the ICU and had treated until his termination, hundreds of COVID patients in the ICU since March 2020. He alluded to four to ten percent of symptomatic COVID patients around the world requiring hospitalisations, and specifically for Omicron, it has been two percent. In the US, there have been about four million cases of COVID with 850,000 dying. They were in Dr. Merrick’s words, “unnecessary, needless deaths.”

He outlined how a study a clinical trial on four drugs to treat Ebola in 2019 resulted in two of those drugs being withdrawn before the end of the trial.iii One of those drugs withdrawn was REMDESIVIR,iv as published in a New England Journal of Medicine paper on December 12th 2019 and the National Institute of Health (NIH) article on December 10th 2019. The latter documenting:

After results from the first 499 participants had been reviewed, the trial’s safety monitors recommended that two drugs—ZMapp and remdesivir—be dropped from the remainder of the trial. These two drugs were much less effective at preventing death.”

Dr. Merrick alluded to the importance of the date December 12th 2019. Namely; the beginning of COVID. Yet, from January to February 2020v the NIH enrolled patients in an ACT1 study on REMDESIVIR for the treatment of COVID-19! (01:44:25) On April 19th 2020, (01:44:40) the final patient was enrolled. Ten days later,(01:44:43) the pathological liar that is Anthony Fauci, stood in the Oval Office and swore that the results were good news. However, what he neglected to say, was that the endpoint of the trail had been changed to reflect positively on REMDESIVIR even as it was still in progress as he reported to President Trump!! This is scientific misconduct, pure and simple.

Dr. Merrick then stated that REMDESIVIR increases your chances of death by 3% and the chance of renal failure by 20%. (01:46:30) In short, it’s a toxic drug. Moreover, the federal government encourages the use of this expensive, questionable and toxic drug by granting a 20% bonus on hospital bills for the hospital. The cost of this toxin amounting to $3,000 per course. On the other hand, ivermectin, proven for decades to be one of the safest drugs ever, costs the WHO just 2 cents – yes 2 cents and reduces the risk of death by around 50%.

From reading Robert F. Kennedy’s junior book The Real Anthony Fauci, I discovered that Fauci’s close friend Bill Gates has a major stake in Gilead, the manufacturer of REMDESIVIR. Hence again, in the conflicting interests of serving the people versus Big Pharma/avaricious self-interest, the latter again wins out. In all, Dr. Merrick estimates that 500,000 people could have been saved by cheap, safe and effective drugs.(01:49:45) He asked the obvious question as to why these cheap, safe and effective drugs were ignored. To which Senator Johnson highlighted; is the the $64,000 question to which there is no innocent answer.(01:50:00)

12) At 01:50:20, Senator Johnson announced Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, the chief of ethics at the Unity Project and formerly an ethics committee chair at the California Department of State Hospitals among multiple other titles. He has also testified before the California senate on health policy and consulted on COVID policy for the University of California and the California Department of Health. For the entire fifteen years of his professional career, he worked at the University’s school of medicine. However, when faced with the University’s draconian vaccine mandate, he launched his court action against the mandate owing to the continuing suppression of safety and efficacy data of the so-called vaccines.

As a consequence of the synonymous silencing of dissenting voices to appease outside interests, the public where presented with a distorted picture of scientific consensus. Which in turn, precipitated an overt focus on one disease, leading to a 40% increase in mortality for the 18 to 64 year-old age group over the last twelve months. Two-thirds to three-quarters of which were non-COVID related. (01:52:20) Normally, a 10% increase is a one in two-hundred year event, but the 40% jump no doubt would at least in part have been caused by cancelled cancer screenings and surgeries. As a result, hospitals stood empty with doctors at times even sent home. Such were the outcomes of the one-disease myopia, as the pandemic emergency continues unabated and undefined by unelected elite officials beholden to the deities of inexorable avarice and power – not the law and their oaths to serve the people.

Indicative of which, is when Dr. Kheriaty made the FOIA request to the FDA to release their data used to approve the Pfizer vaccines, prompting their claim of requiring 75 years to release the data. This in spite of the fact, it only took them 108 days to review the data for final approval. (01:54:10) Fortunately a federal judge has just ordered the release of this data in eight months time.

13) At 1:56:57 Senator Johnson announced Dr. Robert Malone. He is a physician and scientist and the chief medical and regulatory officer of the Unity Project. He is the president of the 17,000+ strong International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists. He is an internationally recognised scientist and the original inventor of mRNA vaccination and other similar delivery technologies. He stated that he is a long COVID survivor but to elaborate, that was in February 2020. In early 2021, he survived a severe adverse reaction to the Moderna vaccine in early 2021. In both instances, he thought he was going to die, but

Dr. Malone began by stating that he was speaking to the audience not just as a physician and scientist, but as a husband, father and grandfather. (01:57:30). While many have portrayed him as a right-wing cowboy, he states that he has supported Obama and Biden in the past, but recent events have demanded a radical rethink.

With the rise of the Omicron variant, he stated we have to look forward to dealing with it, rather than past variants. Early in his career in the late 1980s, Dr. Malone made a series of discoveries that led to nine issued patents that describe the original platforms on which the present mRNA vaccines are based. (01:59:30) He has spent his entire career developing means for protecting people from both natural and engineered pathogens. Whether you agree or disagree with Dr. Malone, he has a right for a seat at the table to discuss the present data associated with the present mRNA and adno-vector viral vaccines.

To which Dr. Malone did not mince his words, when he stated that the science of such vaccines is settled and is not a political issue. (01:59:57) They are mismatched against the present Omicron strain since they were developed for the original Wuhan variant. As such, they do not prevent infection, viral replication or the spread to others rendering them leaky and poorly durable. Moreover, even if every man, woman and child in the United States was vaccinated, they could never achieve herd immunity.

Furthermore, they are not completely safe and the full nature of the risks remain uncharacterised. That would take many years to establish and so mandates of such clearly experimental products is a violation of the Nuremberg Code and Helsinki Declaration and all the basic tenants of our western civilisation. Ultimately, where there is risk, there must be choice. Informed consent based on full disclosure of risk is an absolute necessity for any medical procedure. Nelson Mandela in May 1995 stated that “there is no keener revelation of a nation’s soul than the way it treats its children.” For Dr. Malone, the draconian vaccine policies have had a most adverse effect on our children and are completely unjustified at this point.

In closing, Dr. Malone still believes in the American ideal of the shining city on the hill as the world looks to it for leadership in these increasingly difficult times. It is now time to come together and move forward with fact-based reasoning rather than politicised outdated policies not consistent with scientific data.

14) At 02:03:17 Senator Johnson announced the UK’s Dr. David Wiseman.vii He was a top research scientist at Johnson and Johnson and presently runs his own Research and Development business. His raw data analyses reverse-negative studies used to justify COVID policy for HCQ and Ivermectin. He has made 13 FDA, CDC or other government submissions on COVID and is the World Council for Health’s co-ordinator for vaccine injury. Senator Johnson was made familiar with Dr. Wiseman from the email group and Dr. Wiseman’s presentations in front of various federal health agencies.

Dr. Wiseman opens by telling how he was recommended to watch the apocalyptic movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence titled Don’t Look Up.viii He then stated how he had no need to watch it as he had been living that movie for the last two years! He states the line near the end by DiCaprio “We really did have everything didn’t we?” To which Dr. Wiseman retorts; “That is where we are today.”

We had the finest scientific institutions in the world with their problems, but still the finest FDA, NIH, CDC with almost 900,000 deaths. CDC advisors are tired, confused and despondent. Boosting is quote; “the last whack ‘em all!” Neither sustainable or smart. Vaccines were supposed to return us to normal, but rather the wounds of vaccine divisiveness will take years to heal.

Dr. Wiseman’s movie trailer was more optimistic – Look up, a times are here. Watch us discover data missing from an EUA revoking study that yields a 42% reduction in COVID with HCQ. Watch how we discover a policy shaping paper in JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) reveals a 56% reduction COVID with Ivermectin.ix Did the FDA perform this study? Maybe they did or did not. After wading through reams of studies on dangerous new drugs such as molnupiravir and paxlovid, potential spawners of new barbarians, will they seize this “get out of jail free card” we are giving them, or will they be sucked through the vortex of the vaccine syringe onto planet Omicron? (02:05:52) Where two doses barely offer protection say Pfizer, or anti-efficacy where trying to boost is the immunological equivalent of heroine addiction for ever less benefit and greater risk of harm or mortality.

How where safety signals overlooked resulting in FDA risk/benefit analysis being off by 56 times for children? Why was key Jansson/Pfizer or molnupiravir data not verified? The movie gives a glimpse of hope when the FDA and CDC acknowledge the VAERS database under-reporting by a factor of 5 to 7 times. (2:06:35) But there is a twist, the vaccines are not what we think they are.

They meet the FDA definition of gene therapeutics perhaps requiring 15 years of study to check for cancer, ultra-immune and other concerns. Perhaps quasi-vaccine better describes these novel vaccine-like drugs? The FDA say they contain nucleoside modified-RNA or mod-RNA. Hidden in plain sight, these mod-RNA quasi-vaccines contain parts of human genes, not just the viral spike genes. Dr. Wiseman then alluded to the documents he possessed documenting this.(02:07:20)

Find out what these are doing there, and why the vaccines were engineered to go outside of the arm we were told they would stay.(02:07:35) We all want answers – none more so than those who have suffered vaccine injuries. Every vaccinated American should be concerned with Post COVID Quasi Vaccine Syndrome. Perhaps a medical and economic problem far greater than COVID. Is this the sequel?

The FDA say stop taking the horse drug, but Dr. Wiseman says they should stop feeding the horse bleep! This comment garnered amusement from Dr. Merrick seated just to his right.(02:08:02) Dr. Wiseman then told the FDA you can’t keep this up. America wants you to not just listen to the vaccine injured, but to the scientists who have figured out what was going on months ago. Release the NIH study on injuries and fund research and development. Finally, as Dr. Wiseman received the message hot off his phone, he announced that the FDA and NIH agreed to scientists’ request for a meeting to discuss the vaccine crisis.(02:08:26)

15) At 02:09:10 Dr. Christina Parks commenced her testimony on vaccines. She stated that African Americans have many pre-disposing mutations that are very protecting from malaria. However, one of those mutations; “glucose 6-phosphate,” one in ten African America males has a deficiency in which can become critical when the body is stressed, such as suffering from COVID or is vaccinated. Moreover, people pf African descent may generate an immune response that is much more vigorous in response to the vaccines leading to hyper-inflammation. In short, highlighting the danger of a “one size fits all” politicised vaccine mandates. She stated that this is some of the most statistically significant data she has ever seen.

16) At 02:12:00 Dr. Richard Urso elaborated how strange it was that such a meeting had to be held in the US Senate rather than with bodies such as the FDA or CDC. The censorship and unrelenting attacks leading to this, prompting Dr. Urso to thank Senator Johnson for the opportunity to finally make their voices heard.

17) At 02:13:30 before running the video of Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya, Senator Johnson highlighted the course of sane, reasoned and logical action taken in Sweden as compared to the US. Sweden had only a bit more than half the number of COVID deaths per million, but without implementing draconian and blunt measures of lockdowns and allowed all 1.8 million children to still attend school – to which not a single child died. Thus, further confirming the age-stratification of this pandemic and the propagandistic nature of global Marxist Stream Media portraying Sweden as reckless and uncaring.

18) At 02:15:17 the video of Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya’s presentation was shown. He is a professor of medicine at Stanford University and he outlined alternatives to the draconian and disastrous lockdown focussed policies implemented in the US during the pandemic. He iterated how the lockdowns have not worked and have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and have unleashed destruction and misery almost anywhere they were protractedly implemented.

As an alternative, he offered a plan co-authored with two fellow medical professionals in October 2020 titled The Great Barrington Declaration. The basic outlines of this plan would work not only in this pandemic, but in many any other pandemics. The plan relies on two basic scientific facts. Firstly, the virus of this pandemic is not an equal opportunity virus. People over 65 are far more at risk, and in the case of teenagers, the risk is infinitesimal. Moreover, more than forty percent of the deaths occurred in nursing homes. Secondly, the lockdowns are harmful to population health. In particular, one in four young adults in the US, at almost no risk from the virus, seriously considered suicide. Moreover, the consequences of people skipping cancer screenings, treatments for heart attack and diabetes and so forth.

These will have long term consequences on the health of the population. Not to mention children in many states such as New York and the WOKE wonderland that is California missing school. Such draconian measures particularly affected the mental and physical health of poor children. Not to mention the diabolical effects on small to medium businesses.

In other words, we had one population group, namely the elderly, at great risk from this virus, while the younger group, at virtually no risk from the virus, suffered needless adverse short and long term consequences. The Great Barrington Declaration was co-authored with Dr. Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard University, a biostatistician, and epidemiologist with expertise in detecting and monitoring infectious disease outbreaks and vaccine safety evaluations, and Dr. Sunetra Gupta, professor at Oxford University, an epidemiologist with expertise in immunology, vaccine development, and mathematical modelling of infectious diseases.x Its mantra is “Focused Protection” and calls for the cessation of lockdowns globally, with the focussed protection on the elderly and other vulnerable people with an entire suite of strategies including the aforementioned early treatments. Dr. Bhattacharya did leave open the possibility of vaccines for such vulnerable groups (02:19:40) but by no means advocated the draconian “one size fits all” mantra of vaccine mandates. Moreover, he stated that the vaccines are of no use in mitigating disease spread. (02:19:50)

19) From 02:21:08 Senator Johnson alluded to emails released under Freedom of Information that revealed how in October 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Dr. Francis Collins, the then director of the parent entity National Institutes of Health (NIH) sort to character assassinate the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration as “fringe epidemiologists.” The October 8th 2020 email from Collins to Fauci read as follows:

From: Collins, Francis (NIH/OD) [E]

Sent: Thursday, October 8, 2020 2:31 PM

To: Fauci, Anthony (NIH/NIAID) [E]; Lane, Ciff (NIH, NIAID) [E]

Cc: Tabak Lawrence (NIH/OD) [E]

Subject: Great Barrington Declaration

Hi Tony and Cliff,

See This proposal from three fringe epidemiologists who met with the Secretary seems to be getting a lot of attention – and even a co-signature from Nobel Prize winner Mike Leavitt at Stanford. There needs to be a quick and devastating published take down of its premises. I don’t see anything like that on line yet – is it underway?xi

Hmmmm…suddenly upon the whim of Collins and Fauci, a Nobel Prize Winner, an Oxford scholar and a Harvard professor are fringe!

20) At 02:24:00 Senator Johnson declared the commencement of the open discussion among the panel and audience members. He then alluded to when he contracted COVID in September 2020, that he did not feel any symptoms. The only reason he got tested was because he got pre-emptive testing owing to his regular contact with public. He went home concerned and then did all the regular things like gargling with mouth wash, taking vitamin C and zinc etc. His question to the panel was why were so many people who tested positive for COVID, asymptomatic?

He turned first to Dr. McCullough, who first alluded to the wide spectrum of COVID symptomatology. For example age is a huge determinant. Layered upon this are comorbidities such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease which amplify the syndrome as does the presence of other diseases. On the other hand, leading research from the CDC suggests that fifteen percent of people cannot get COVID owing to the presence perhaps of certain micro-organisms in the nasal and oropharynx (middle part of the pharynx (throat)). Dr. McCullough then iterated how we can leverage this by utilising nasal sprays and oral gargals of povidone iodine and dilute hydrogen peroxide. This of course flies in the face of the global Marxist Stream Media-Deep State narrative of hysteria, amplifying the danger of the COVID pandemic to the level it seems of the Black Death that afflicted Europe in the 14th century.

21) Dr. Usro then stated that the senator’s case alludes to the question “does asymptomatic transmission occur?” To which Dr. Urso immediately affirmed that asymptomatic cases have never been the driver of pandemics or epidemics of any kind. (02:26:55) However, the perceived danger of asymptomatic transmission has been promoted again by the global Marxist Stream Media-Deep State narrative of hysteria, which flies in the face of several studies which reveal that such transmission only accounts for one percent of cases. (02:27:14) In short, the phenomena of asymptomatic transmission has been the driver of fear, not the pandemic.

22) At 02:28:30 Dr. McCullough called on Dr. Peter Alexander in the audience to speak. His background is in evidence based medicine and clinical epidemiology. He has worked with the WHO in Washington DC and the Trump administration as a COVID advisor. He started by saying that he supported Dr. Merrick’s assessment of REMDESIVIR being dangerous and of very questionable benefit at best. Moreover, he cited an additional study in the Lancet at around the same time with very similar conclusions leading again to an early withdrawal of REMDESIVIR from the trial. (02:29:20)

He then reaffirmed Dr. Urso’s assessment of asymptomatic transmissions, likening it in parallel to the issue of of very rare recurrent infections. He affirmed that asymptomatic transmission was used to drive the narrative of fear to cajole populations into voluntarily locking themselves down in fear, epitomised by by a 15 year-old healthy Johnny in the prime of his life hiding in his home under the illusion that he was at the same risk as his frail 85 year-old granny with triple comorbidities.

23) At 02:31:00 Senator Johnson asked Dr. Alexander about the issue of natural immunity, in particular, in relation to testing one for antibodies prior to vaccination, rendering vaccination redundant. A concept which the FDA or CDC rejected in May 2020. Dr. Alexander iterated that he done a lot of work on this topic with Dr. Risch and Dr. Cole and found evidence in a study confirming an overwhelming superiority of natural immunity over vaccine induced immunity. Hence his total agreement with the senator in testing people for antibodies prior to possible vaccination. Moreover, a study in 2008 of survivors from the Spanish flu in the immediate post-WWI years, still showed long-term natural T-cell immunity.

Dr. Alexander says these vaccines should only ever have been rolled out for high risk groups such as the elderly aged over seventy and certainly never ever for children. (02:34:40) He said the concept of informed consent globally has been almost non-existent which is especially egregious given the abject lack of proper testing and follow-up for these vaccines. Moreover, the outright rejection of serological testing for naturally immune people to whom the injection of vaccines is clearly redundant at best, and harmful at worst, given the fact that if you layer vaccine induced immunity upon natural immunity, you are at increased risk of ending up in hospital. (02:35:15) From 02:38:13 Dr. Malone mentioned that after many trips to Europe, he noticed how Europeans were gob-smacked as to how Americans ignored natural immunity.

24) From 02:38:45, Dr. Kheriaty stated that the CDC and other public health agencies gave two reasons as to why they rejected natural immunity. Firstly, they said they were worried that it would encourage people to go out and deliberately catch COVID rather than take the vaccine. This policy however still neglects those who through no fault of their own, caught COVID, and as such, renders this as still bad health policy. Secondly, there was the notion that it would slow down the rate of vaccine injection, to which you could just put the burden of proof on the individual recipient rather than the entire group to be vaccinated.

Then Dr. Kheriaty stated a third unspoken reason. Namely it would raise the question of “how many have it?” Which today we still do not know, even two years into the pandemic. An astounding epidemiological failure of the public health system, which has been allowed it seems to cover for what would have been the implied failure of public health policy in the event of say 70% natural immunity post-omicron outbreak. A figure which would expose the abject non-necessity for the blunt and destructive instrument of lockdowns. Moreover, at 02:43:08, Dr. Kheriaty iterated that their was no case of someone being reinfected then spreading the virus to others – unlike the infected post-vaccination. To which the CDC failed to find any counter-example. To which one can conclude, COVID recovered unvaccinated people are the safest people to be around. (02:43:50)

25) At 02:44:10, Senator Johnson mentioned about three corona viruses going around pre-COVID that seemed like the common cold. He then asked, “is Omicron like this?” Dr. Cole fielded this question, by stating that it “branches off the family tree” of earlier variants. For example, unlike the earlier scarier variants, it does not bind to the lung nor cause the dangerous clotting and can act as a natural vaccine. It’s certainly closer to a common cold than the earlier more deadly variants.

Curiously, for the vaccinated, they are being infected with Omicron at a higher rate than the unvaccinated and naturally immune. In other words, the vaccines are negatively effective! (02:45:45) And the reason for this is basic immunology. Namely, the vaccine suppresses the physiological production of secretory IGA contained in your tears, eyes and mouth and does not neutralise the virus in the location of the body where the virus enters. Hence the much higher viral loads in the vaccinated implying the pathological lie of Marxist Stream Media and left leaning politicians such as the incognisant Joe Biden and Australian state premieres Dan Andrews (Victoria) and Anastacia Palaszczuk (Queensland) and medical agencies globally – “this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated!” Vaccine mandates are mute, irrelevant and out the window. Omicron is the “funny uncle” … it is not SARS-Cov2-19. Yes, it can kill the frail and fragile like the common cold has always done, but the effectiveness of the aforementioned early treatments still applies. (02:48:25) Moreover, South Africa has opened back up. “It’s the common cold…what a blessing!”

26) From 02:49:08 Dr. Malone then related his story from his recent trip to Europe, where he had time to work with the world renowned Belgian virologist and vaccine expert Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche.xii Dr. Malone stated his opinion that the data from a number of countries suggests that the vaccinated are more prone to becoming infected with Omicron. Moreover, this increased risk is a function of the number of doses one has received. (02:50:00) Dr. Malone iterated that before Christmas, he stated that “we are truly blessed with Omicron” owing to its low risk of severe disease and death.

However, it’s got a warning sign. (02:50:22) One which Dr. Vanden Bossche has been warning about indeed the FDA has stated in its Emergency Use Authorisation documents. Namely their desire that the pharmaceutical industry would investigate to risks of antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) or vaccine enhanced disease. [With hindsight, the FDA’s request seems naive at best!] Dr. Malone then alluded to how this related directly to what Dr. Vanden Bossche had been warning about in regard to universal vaccination in the midst of a global pandemic. Namely, via basic evolution, exacerbated with the outbreak of Omicron, we risk the evolution of escape mutants that are much more infectious, pathogenic and replicative that are capable of evading immune response. (02:51:25)

This policy of universal forced vaccination is an anathema to our basic understanding of viral evolution, as presently indicated with the clear resistance of Omicron (an escape mutant certainly more infectious but at least far less pathogenic) to the vaccines developed for earlier variants. Moreover, it seems the vaccines facilitate the infectivity of Omicron. In Dr. Malone’s opinion, this policy of forced universal vaccination must stop for the sake of the world. (02:52:15 prompting applause.)

Senator Johnson then alluded to how Dr. Vanden Bossche wrote to the WHO well before the vaccines were approved, warning about mass-vaccination in the midst of a pandemic. (02:52:30) Of course, those warning went unheeded. Dr. Malone then iterated that Dr. Vanden Bossche had corresponded with some of the world’s leading vaccinologists. One of them included the head of one the major vaccine companies – a highly respected and innovative individual that Dr. Vanden Bossche requested Dr. Malone not to mention by name, concurred that mass-vaccination in the midst of a pandemic will greatly facilitate a dangerous mutation of the virus. (02:53:10)

27) At 02:53:30, Dr. Parks alluded to Senator Johnson’s earlier question on his positive PCR test for COVID back in September 2020. She stated that it was quite possible he had a false positive which is very usual for these test kits, as they highly amplify or recycle the signal to the point where you may just pick up dead cells that your innate immune system has already dealt with. Such has been the case with athletes tested just prior to the opening of the Beijing Fake Snow Real Genocide Winter Olympics.

28) At 02:55:00, Dr. Wiseman alluded to studies by Merck and Pfizer documenting protection of between 77 and 88 percent with natural immunity. The Merck study was for the aforementioned dangerous drug molnupiravir and the latter for the vaccines. Both of course had placebo control groups. At his conclusion at 02:56:03, Dr. Wiseman boldly proclaimed; “Thank you Pfixer, thank you Merck!” As Senator Johnson then alluded to at 02:56:10, this is on top of the 140 studies previously mentioned by Dr. Alexander!

29) At 02:56:27 Dr. Merrick alluded to how the progression of a disease and its symptoms are related to viral load in your nose and oropharynx (middle part of the pharynx (throat)), where the ACE2 receptors are located and where the virus replicates. Dr. Merrick’s concept is basically “kill the virus where it is. Kill it!” To this end, we have gels and nasal sprays available that would kill the virus in five seconds! Why are we not using them?? Dr. Merrick travels with his nasal spray everywhere. To which Senator Johnson alluded to how he was ridiculed for using gargle when he tested positive for COVID in September 2020. But of course, “what was the harm anyway.”

30) From 02:58:10, Dr. Risch weighed in with a thesis counter to Dr. Malone’s that it is unlikely that Omicron would mutate. Since it already has fifty mutations, if any additional mutations came out of it, they would unlikely be more pathogenic. To be so, it would have to reverse-mutate which seems unlikely. He does concur however with Dr. Malone, whose hope aligns with Dr. Risch’s thesis, that it is like a live attenuating natural vaccine. Thus still rendering forced universal vaccine mandates redundant. Dr. Cole also weighed in with his similar assessment. To which Senator Johnson stated that we would like absolute certainty, but that is not always the case with Science.

Hence, the importance of this conference, with the open discussion of ideas synonymous with the Ancient Greek Market Place of ideas, where in time, the good ideas and truth rise to the top, and the bad sink to the discarded depths. Sadly, in this modern-day world of rampant censorship and lies, this pillar of Western Civilisation has been inverted in the true spirit of the Marxist dialectic:

The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.xiii

31) At 03:00:40 Senator Johnson announced he wished to just touch briefly on the efficacy of masks. However, Dr. Parks briefly alluded to the use of the aforementioned early treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in the case of outbreaks of mutant variants, given the efficacy of such treatments in multiple previous variants of the virus. Of course, their use in all likelihood, in this environment of Deep State censorship and lies, will be suppressed.

32) 03:01:30 Dr. Alexander alluded to Dr. Malone’s assessment of the inherent dangers of forced universal vaccine mandates. The vaccines do not sterilise the virus and do not stop the spread. In brand new data from the UK in the first three weeks of 2022, he stated how the second jab and booster shots were driving massive infection rates among the vaccinated. (03:02:10) As for the efficacy of masks, only a study from Bangladesh pointed to a 13 percent reduction in risk. Moreover, were mask mandates have been imposed, infection rates have increased.

33) Steve Kirsch, who was high tech executive before his company was shut down, is now the head of the COVID Early Treatment Fund, which was featured on 60 Minutes for the funding of fluvoxamine which has been proven to reduce mortality rates by a factor of twelve. Of course, government medical agencies will not recommend it. He was given the opportunity to briefly present his take on various masks. Basically, the run of the mill masks are ineffective, and even in the case of the Bangladesh study, if you closely analyse the data, there is no difference. The the only mask that may make any real difference was the bulky and impractical P100 Mask, about 150 times more effective than the N95 mask. The thing is, it only protects yourself, and not those around you. It is uni-directional, because if it was bi-directional, you could not breathe.

This mask made Senator Johnson very nervous, as he was concerned that the Biden administration would suddenly allocate $100 billion dollars to distribute it nationally!

34) At 03:07:38, Dr. Alexander referred to a Swedish study in early 2021 by Jonas Ludvigsson, a professor of clinical epidemiology at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.xiv Dr. Ludvigsson sadly ending up quitting due to the backlash to his study. Nevertheless, he stands by his findings.

They being that in Sweden, among 1.9 million school children aged up to sixteen years, never wearing any masks, never subjected to lockdowns, never stopped from attending school, there were no deaths! From 03:08:30, Dr. Urso affirmed that no randomised control trials have ever shown masks to be effective in controlling the spread of respiratory viruses. In short he said; “the data is what it is.”

35) At 03:09:40 Senator Johnson announced the story from Rumble of a Virginia mother with two adult children, both fully vaccinated but still infected with significantly severe COVID, could not find treatment! Senator Johnson then posed the question of basically, where could they turn as they could not find any NIH guidelines?

Dr. Merrick then drily clarified what the NIH protocol was:

To go home and take tylenol, take fluids and stay at home until you turn blue and can’t breathe. Then you go hospital where they isolate you like a prisoner, then give you REMDESIVIR and dexamethasone, and then you die”

DR MERRICK HOWEVER EMPHASISED THAT COVID-19 IS AN EMINENTLY TREATABLE DISEASE. But what is crucial is timing. Do not wait for the test. Act on the symptoms with early treatment such as ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine HCQ, zinc etc.

Of course, thanks to government medical agencies globally, beholden to Big Pharma, ivermectin and HCQ are very difficult to now obtain!! To which Senator Johnson told Dr. Merrick that not everyone is so fortunate to find a doctor like you. To which Dr. Ben Marvel MD from the audience announced himself, before the Senator asked him to step up. He is the founder of, a tele-doctoring service of volunteer doctors that has treated 150,000 patients with the McCullough protocol with a 99.99% survival rate. Dr. Marvel then affirmed that early treatment works period! (03:13:00 prompting applause.)

36) From 03:14:30 Dr. Kory seconded the applause for Dr. Marvel, before affirming how the corruption of co-opted government medical agencies to Big Pharma do not want you to use of label generic drugs as it does not provide profit to the system. For example in the spring of 2020 and again in August 2021, the CDC issued a memo forbidding physicians nationwide to use re-purposed generic drugs that have been proven to be safe over decades and very effective in treating COVID. (03:15:20) From 03:18:10 Senator Johnson displayed a document showing how all the approved drugs for COVID treatment were very expensive while all the cheap drugs were banned. “Go figure!”

37) From 03:18:35 Steve Kirsch announced that the information on the document presented by the senator is available at What makes it useful for early COVID treatment is that many of the drugs on that list are available over the counter without prescription. Drugs such as Vitamin D, NAC, aspirin etc.

38) From 03:19:15 Steve Kirsch mentioned the great work of Doctors George Fareed and Brian Tyson with their early treatment protocol of COVID where they have treated 7,000 patients with ZERO deaths.xv Multiple times since March 2020 they have reached out to the NIH, but on each occasion they have been ignored. On fluvoxamine, Steve Kirsch stated that while it is difficult to get a doctor to prescribe it, if you can convince the doctor you suffer from depression or have say some obsessive-compulsive disorder like excessive hand-washing, you maybe able to get it and at the same time, cure your COVID – taking 50 milligrams twice a day for fourteen days.

39) From 03:21:15 Dr. Mangat stated that Virginia pharmacists are particularly difficult when it comes to supplying any cheap and re-purposed drugs for COVID. You to figure out who has it, to which end, independent pharmacists are far more likely. Moreover, even Costco.

40) From 03:22:11 the senator asked if any of the doctors in the room had any patients who had adverse reactions to their cornucopia of re-purposed generic drugs. He then asked Dr. Cole, who responded out of the 400 hundred patients he has treated, he has NOT HAD ONE ADVERSE REACTION. Of which half were high risk such as the elderly and morbidly obese. Nevertheless, Dr. Cole has lost a third of his business with insurance contracts revoked due to “unprofessional conduct” in the use of “dangerous drugs.” This for a doctor that has treated 0.5 million patients without a single complaint!

41) From 03:23:20 Dr. McCullough however admitted he had lost some patients but emphasised the critical early treatment window of the first 72 hours. This after reading hundreds of reports which pointed to lack of early treatment being the prime determinant for hospitalisation and death. From 03:24:20 Steve Kirsch concurred, alluding to how it’s not so much what the early treatment is, but more, the importance and incredible success rate of treatment within the early 72 hour window.

42) From 03:25:04 Dr. Urso commented on the overwhelmingly low risk-benefit ratio (that is of course GOOD. This ratio is much higher in the dangerous and expensive Big Pharma vaccines and drugs – such as REMDESIVIR) of early treatment. He sarcastically referred to the side-effects of early treatment which were mostly benefitial. From 03:28:10, Dr. Urso mentioned how Dr. Sheddy in South Africa saved over 7,000 patients with early treatment NOT using ivermectin and HCQ. Dr.Urso’s point being, the wide array of cheap and effective early treatments available for an eminently treatable disease. Another example being, which was not mentioned at this conference was the early treatment in Taiwan with cheap and effective traditional Chinese medicine and herbs.

43) From 03:28:38 Senator Johnson alluded to a chart titled DRUG ADVERSE EVENT COMPARISON – FDA AND CDC DATA: WORLDWIDE. It was absolutely damning for Big Pharma COVID vaccines and REMDESIVIR with the COVID vaccines responsible for 20,175 deaths in a year, while the flu vaccine since the 01st January 1996 to the 30th September 2021 caused 77 deaths per year, tylenol 1,024 deaths per year, REMDESIVIR since just 2020, 921 but HCQ and ivermetin respectively only 69 and 15 a year! For Senator Johnson, this raised alarm bells – but not for the FDA and CDC!

44) From 03:30:00 Dr. Wiseman alluded to how drugs such as molnupiravir and paxlovid (see note #14) maybe supporting dangerous mutations. He alludes to the hypocrisy of official health agencies withholding studies to support their pro Big Pharma narrative of dangerous, ineffective and expensive (D.I.E.) treatments and to discredit safe, effective and cheap treatments, proven so over decades such as ivermectin and HCQ.

45) From 03:36:49 Dr. McCullough stated that the FDA (safety watchdog) and CDC (outbreak investigation body) should never have been sponsoring a public programme in administering a product. A separate and independent government body should have been set-up made up of the following three levels:

  • Critical Event Committee

  • Institutional Review Board

  • Human Ethics Committee

    If this body had been created, Dr. McCullough believes the vaccines would have been withdrawn in February 2021 due to excess mortality.

46) From 03:37:49 Dr. Kheriaty alluded to how members of the NIAID – the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases own patents to the Moderna vaccines!! Four members in particular get royalties straight into their pockets! Senator Johnson asked if Dr. Kheriaty could prove this, to which the latter said; “That’s publicly available information.” (03:38:10) Moreover, this department is rife with a host of other conflicts of interest. At 03:40:00, Senator Johnson alluded to the revolving door between Big Pharma and public health agencies which Dr. Kheriaty affirmed. From 03:42:00, Dr. Kheriaty spoke of a doctor in California explicitly recommending a patient with clear contra-conditions to taking the vaccine, asking the doctor for an exemption. To which the doctor informed her that he was afraid to issue such a written exemption, as he risked the cancellation of his medical licence. To which Dr. Cole from 03:43:40 alluded to how medical authorities will not cite papers or sources to back their narrative. They simply resort to the mantra of “you are spreading misinformation” and the practice of public vilification and fear. Steve Kirsch from 03:44:30 did allude to one doctor in California who would issue written exemptions, but of course did not want to named, but is being investigated.

47) From 03:45:00 Brianne Dressen, who participated in an Astra Zeneca trial in November 2020 was given the opportunity to speak. Hers is a vaccine horror story spanning months, not just because of adverse effects from the vaccine, but the way she was treated by hospitals and medical authorities that treat the vaccine-injured like pariahs. She and Stephanie Degary and the latter’s daughter Maddie were interviewed by The Epoch Times Jan Jakielek on his programme American Thought Leaders not long before this conference.

48) From 03:46:02 Kyle Warner, a professional athlete and mountain bike racer from Boise Idaho was injured with his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Symptoms included heart inflammation and POTS and mass-cell-activation syndrome limiting what he can now eat. This prompted him to seek an exemption from the booster to which none were forthcoming amidst this madness. His question was is there a standardised form to allow him to travel internationally? to which he was referred to the debacle of Novak Jokavic being denied entry into the Australian Tennis Open.

49) From 03:47:35 Dr. Kheriaty iterated that no one size fits all medication exists – such an idea is absurd. To which Dr. McCullough declared his unequivocal agreement and then alluded to how certain groups were excluded from the clinical trials such as pregnant women and COVID recovered. To then recommend and even coerce such treatments on such groups is medical malfeasance. At 03:50:10 Kyle Warner asked if you have had an adverse reaction to a first shot, second shot etc, should you be exempt from future shots? To which Dr. Kheriaty siad you do not need to be a physician to answer a question which a four year-old could answer.

50) From 03:50:30 Dr. Urso spoke of the absurdity of children who had COVID and thus attained natural immunity not being included in the vaccine trials, yet still compelled to take these dangerous vaccines. In short, how many of the 16 million children with natural immunity, will be harmed by the needless risk of taking these vaccines?

51) From 03:51:47 Dr. Kory while admitting he sounded like a broken record, reiterated his palpable frustration with all the inanities, absurdities and insanities of the COVID pandemic. A pandemic of an eminently treatable disease. The prime reason for which he stated at 03:52:54, could only be “CORRUPTION – PLAIN AND SIMPLE!”

52) From 03:53:00 Dr. Parks stated that Big Pharma became emboldened in 1986 when they became unencumbered with litigation. This has led to an explosion in vaccine schedules for children. Dr. Parks also highlighted that we need to get over the mass formation psychosis associated with all vaccines interventions being good.

53) From 03:55:00 Senator Johnson explained how the age stratification profile of COVID was ignored, leading to the insane imposition of lockdowns devastating the economy and businesses. The senator presented the following figures:

From the CDC:

Ages 0 to 17 years: 20 per million died.

Ages 65 and over: 90,000 per million died.

From John G. Niedus:

Ages 0 to 19 years: 13 per million died.

Ages 70 and over: 40,000 per million died.

These figures make the vaccinating of children with dangerous and still chronically under-tested vaccines, a reckless disregard for children’s safety upon the pillar of Big Pharma profit.

To which the senator from 03:56:37 alluded to a report he just received that day, of the tragic and senseless story of a Vietnamese female 9th grader from the northern province of Phu Tho, who got her first Pfizer dose on December 3rd 2021. After which she experienced dizziness and difficulty in breathing. She was taken to a medical centre where she later recovered. Nevertheless, in accordance with the global vaccine mass formation psychosis, on Monday January 17, 2022, just one week before this conference, she had her second jab – despite being in the age group where about only 20 per million die of COVID. Twenty minutes later she experienced tightness in her chest, dizziness, difficulty in breathing and seizures. She received emergency medical treatment on the spot, before being transferred to a district medical centre. On arrival she started to vomit blood, fell into a coma and her hear stopped. She died the following morning of Tuesday 18, 2022. All for a 20 in a million chance of dying from the CCP-Fauci-Daszak virus and the profits of Pfizer. Yet, Big Pharma shills will maintain this is pure coincidence and not evidence of death by pseudo-vaccine! At 03:58:25, Dr. Merrick alluded to the fact that since kids are 1,000 times more likely to die from riding bicycles than from COVID, we should ban kids from riding bicycles! Such is the mass formation psychosis inanity of the pseudo-vaccine narrative.

v Dr Merrick I think inadvertently stated the year 2021, (01:44:25) as he later refers to the final participant being on April 19 2020 (01:44:38).

vi See the 3 hour December 29th 2021 Joe Rogan podcast interview of Dr. Robert Malone at

ix See also the November 2020 paper out of Bangladesh at

xiii The Devil and Karl Marx: Communism’s Long March of Death, Deception, and Infiltration by Paul Kengor, published by Tan Books, 2020, ISBN 1505120055, 9781505120059. See also the YouTube interview of Paul Kengor by Joshua Philipp at or The Epoch Times Youmaker platform at from 1 minute and 37 seconds. As well, from the Marxist mouthpiece itself at All accessed on Sunday February 14, 2021.

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