My Email to Michael Gunner (Yes “GUNNER”) — Northern Territory Chief Minister of “Truth”

Dear Chief Minister of “Truth”

Last Wednesday the 5th [January 2021], I posted a meticulously researched letter with sources documented to my Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. On Saturday night I posted it on my book website blog at I have also attached the PDF copy.

It was in regard firstly to my eviscerated trust in global mainstream media and secondly, my huge issues with the pseudo-vaccine apartheid – PVA implemented by her government in violation of our nation’s constitution and our rights bestowed upon us by God. Ostensibly, the PVA or pseudo-vaccine-coercion – PVC is for our safety; but in reality, the alibi of a tyrant subservient to the hybrid Globalist agenda of crony Capitalism, Fascism and Marxism.

Does my premier remind you of anybody? For example your even more extreme measures of PVA, such as the lockdown of only the unvaxed denying their right to work and support their families, simply to coerce them into taking potentially dangerous concoctions of minimal protection against the CCP Virus. This is backed by thousands of world-renowned medical professionals who unlike your ilk of career politicians and sycophantic global MSM – Marxist Stream Media – refuse to allow their integrity and objectivity to become enslaved to the global mass formation psychosis. See for example

Indeed, how is it that medical professionals world renowned for decades suddenly become pariahs simply for questioning a most dubious pro-pseudo-vaccine narrative as shown time and time and again by the data? As I discussed in my letter to the Queensland premier, is a 0.71% ABSOLUTE RISK REDUCTION (ARR) as opposed to the misleading 95% RELATIVE RISK REDUCTION (RRR – as stated by the American FDA) a truly legitimate and objective reason for your ilk in plunging us towards and seemingly beyond the event horizon of the black hole of your envisaged Orwellian dystopian nightmare? Thus begging the question:

To whom are your political ilk such as yourself and Annastacia Palaszczuk truly beholden to?”

It’s certainly not the people of your respective constituencies … they are merely your alibi. At this point, as discussed in my letter, Pfizer and big pharma in general, seems a much more plausible answer.

In closing, I leave you with the following question to ponder:

What do you get when you marry the corporate world with big government?”

Good ol’ Benito has the answer! [FASCISM as explained in my voluminous letter to the Queensland Premier.]

Yours sincerely

Vince Barwinski

Author of the religious and historic twin wartime epic:

The Pastor and the Matriarch of the German Underground and their Times: A Polish Perspective.

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