Summary of Submission against Australian and Orwellian Communications Legislation Amendment (Combating Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023

Summary of Submission of Vince Barwinski against Communications Legislation Amendment (Combating Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023

To: Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts.


From: Vince Barwinski



Sunday August 20th, 2023

PDF Copy

PDF Copy of Cover document (Contains poignant screenshots and photo of mine from Auschwitz Concentration Camp Museum)

PDF of HUGE Main Submission


Saturday 12th August 2023

I am writing to you today to express my inexorable disapproval of your proposed Communications Legislation Amendment (Combating Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023. Given my lifetime study of National Socialism and Communism, as embodied in my book The Pastor and the Matriarch of the German Underground and Their Times – A Polish Perspective,i and witnessing two metric tons of human hair at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp museum in Poland in June 2005, this has no place in a truly democratic or constitutional society that defines the Constitutional Monarchy that is our great and free country of Australia.

A great and free country that my Polish born father, raised and educated in Weimar Germany and Hitler’s Reich, that is fast becoming to bear no resemblance to the wonderful and free country of opportunity that he, his mother and two sisters fled a European continent, devastated upon the whim of a fascist lunatic for in 1950.

Rather, upon reading your Exposure Draft,ii you are clearly in the process of turning my country, one of the greatest bastions of freedom ever known to our world, into an Orwellian nightmare, “resplendent” with its “Ministry of Truth” embodied in its self-proclaimed monopoly on truth. An anathema to the open market place of ideas that embodied the great civilisation of Ancient Greece, upon which is one of the fundamental bedrocks that defines our Western civilisation. In open and fair debate, good ideas ultimately prevail and float to the top, while stupid ideas and/or nefarious agendas such as your aforementioned bill, are exposed for what they really are and naturally sink to the depths of effluent.

Your Orwellian bill however, in a classic Marxist inversion of truth, artificially elevates the effluent of stupid ideas and/or nefarious agendas to “indisputable truth” as would be defined by ACMA – the Australian Communications and Media Authority – embodying the Orwellian “Ministry of Truth.”

To which begs the fundamental question embodying the very essence of this meticulously sourced submission:1

Who in the Universe are you, given your inexorable litany of lies and half-truths, especially since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, to become our ultimate arbiters of truth?”

Furthermore to which, I pose at the bottom of the first page of my main submission, with related essential essence:

To whom are you and our so-called elected and representative federal government, truly beholden? The people of Australia or unelected bureaucratic sociopaths in Geneva Switzerland?

Of which I enlighten you with two poignant examples of my said “unelected bureaucratic sociopaths in Geneva.” They are Klaus Schwab; Executive Chair of the World Economic Forum – WEF and the mass-murdering Ethiopian communistiii Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus; Director-General of the United Nations agency – the World Health Organisation – WHO. Both, as I discuss in my submission, are intimately linked to the mass-murdering and genocidal Chinese Communist Party (CCP).iv Indeed, Klaus Schwab himself, more than once, has proclaimed:

China is a model for many nations.”v

I allude to the National Socialist (Third Reich) heritage of Klaus Schwab, to which his father Eugen was NOT averse to the use of slave I then discuss the history of Tedros, referencing his genocidal history as the Ethiopian Health minister from 2005-2012vii before he became Director-General of the World Health Organisation – WHO. To which, do we really want him to become Global Medical Dictator General? The ultimate objective of the numerous revisions proposed to the International Health Regulations.viii

Extensive discussion is invariably devoted to the Nuremberg Codeix violating Big Pharma COVID-19 jabs,x which when one references Benito Mussolini’s definition of Fascism as follows:

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”xi

are nothing less than the embodiment of Medical Fascism – as practised by the Auschwitz Angel of Death; Josef Mengele,xii of whom twin children were his favourite subjects.xiii To which by natural logical extension, implies yourselves as the Fascists rather than unjabbed people such as myself, more than aware of our immutable birth rights bestowed upon us by Almighty God himself.

Prodigious reference is also made to the nefarious Catastrophic Climate Change Agenda, referencing my meticulously researched essay in progress; THE CLIMATE CHANGE AGENDA – A CRITICAL ANALYSIS. One of the most damning and fundamental points being when in in 2007, a UK High Court judge ruled that Al Gore’s questionable 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth contained nine key scientific errors. While not banning its screening in British schools, judge Michael Burton ruled that it could only be shown with guidance notes to prevent political indoctrination.xiv [Of course, such indoctrination of our children is a fundamental objective of your overall agenda.]

The most damning of these nine points was point #4,xv which highlighted Al Gore’s misrepresentation of 1990s Russian Vostok Antarctic Station Ice Core data, where Al Gore erroneously asserted the relationship that CO2 led temperature, when in fact, the exact opposite was true! In other words:

CO2 does NOT lead temperature as asserted by your Catastrophic Climate Change Scam, but rather the opposite; namely that ‘temperature leads CO2!’”xvi [Refuting the very essence of your Catastrophic Climate Change Scam!!]

To which, I furnish links to official U.S. government agencies’ raw data!xvii Moreover, note the key search term “WayBack”. Clearly, anything such as the COVID-19 jab and Catastrophic Climate Change agendas, with the paws of your Globalist Overlords all over it, namely the UN and its strategic partner since June 2019 – Klaus Schwab’s WEF,xviii can only be ones of malevolent intent. And thus, by natural logical extension, so does your proposed Communications Legislation Amendment (Combating Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023 as a benediction of Schwab’s dystopian [Global Socialism => Globalist] Trinity of Marxism, Fascism and Crony Capitalism. The latter, and indeed its synonymous Catastrophic Climate Change Scam, are certainly anathemas to the free enterprise of the Australia that enabled the prolific success of my father in owning and running his own dairy farming business.

To which my penultimate summary point; the UN normalisation of paedophilia, as attested to in its own documentationxix and documentation of its intimately linked Non Government Organisations (NGOs) such as the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ),xx further confirms their nefarious agendas, and ultimately; yours.

Finally, I conclude with the chillingly eerie, prescient but awe inspiring speech by the Jewish Holocaust survivor; Vera Sharav in Nuremberg on the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Code on the 20th of August 2022.xxi (Note my commentary in italicised bold within “[]”).

To which I pose to our corrupt global mainstream media, and indeed yourselves, the questions;

Would they or yourselves dare label Vera, a Holocaust survivor, a ‘far-right extremist?’ And, in the malevolent Orwellian spirit of your Communications Legislation Amendment (Combating Mis-Dis-Mal information) Bill 2023, is she guilty of spreading mal-information?2 After all, the conservative Black American journalist Larry Elder is ludicrously labelled by the corrupt media as ‘The Black Face of White Supremacy!’xxii

I would be fascinated to hear your thoughts! To which, I farewell you to ponder the final line in LATIN of the prayer “Pater Noster – Our Father” before its concluding “Amen”:

Sed libera nos a malo”3

To compel all people on the planet, including even yourselves, to acknowledge the self-evident truth as elucidated by Vera:

Never Again is Now!”

Vince Barwinski

Author of the Religious and historic twin wartime epic The Pastor and the Matriarch of the German Underground and Their Times – A Polish Perspective.4

1 This submission, with key search terms at the beginning, contains 290 endnotes and 16 footnotes, of which, every single one is verifiable. It is also available online at

2 Mal-information is information that is TRUE. However, because it does not align with your nefarious agenda, it is deemed by your ilk as malicious. See Hence, from page 3 onwards in my 50 page submission, I dub your disinformation bill; Communications Legislation Amendment (Combating Mis-Dis-Mal information) Bill 2023.

4 And of course, do not forget to read the free PDF copy of Chapter 29 of my book at It will be a mal-information truth bomb of meticulous research with eminently prescient historic parallels for you to ponder!

iv Page 150 of The China Tribunal Judgment released on March 1, 2020, chaired by Sir Geoffrey Nice QC. It can downloaded from The China Tribunal website at

xvii The raw data was sourced from raw data files from the website of the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center – CDIAC – located at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). It is the primary climate change data and information analysis center for DOE. CDIAC is supported by DOE’s Climate and Environmental Sciences Division within the Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER). The raw data files can be accessed at AND

xix The European Regional WHO document at OR Key search term is masturbation”. Yes, “masturbation”, relating to teaching children how to “masturbate!! Note; the WHO is an agency of the UN.

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Message to American DEMRATS, RINOS, their supporters and GLOBALIST Institutionalised Fake News GIFN.

To all GLOBALIST Institutionalised Fake News GIFN, American DEMRATS, RINOS and their supporters, The Epoch Times is NOT FAR RIGHT as claimed by agenda driven “Fact” Checkers, more akin to narrative police. See for example “All Sides Media Bias Rating” at for a much more balanced assessment of the Epoch Times. They deem The Epoch Times bias rating as “Lean Right, though perhaps close to Center.” See also the explanation on their unique Blind Bias Rating Method – kind of like “Lady Justice should be blind” at

Moreover, for well over a year, from early 2020 until around May 2021, the Global Institutionalised Fake News GIFN, Big Tech and their agenda driven army of “fact” checkers or narrative police claimed that any talk of a virus leak out of the lab in Wuhan was racist conspiracy theory. The Epoch Times however all this time was rightly claiming the lab leak as far and away the most plausible theory over Anthony “Weasel” Fauci’s dubious and self-serving natural origins theory. Which just goes to show the only difference today between “conspiracy theory” and fact is TIME!

And in regard to D.I.E.-(Dangerous, Ineffective, Expensive)-quasi-vax-mandates, (eg I see another twist of irony to the question “Who are the Fascists?” Namely, the malevolent union of Big Pharma and Big Government which recalls for me the following quote of the former Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini:

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

Hence, D.I.E.-quasi-vaccine mandates by Benito Mussolini’s very definition, are Fascism, or more specifically, Medical Fascism. Yet, in a classical piece of propaganda projection by the GIFN and pro-D.I.E.-quasi-vaccine mandate politicians that the genocidal Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would be proud of, people such as myself, simply aware of our rights as bestowed upon us by God, to which no government or bureaucrat has the right to neither revoke or reinstate, are branded as Nazis, to which applies the more strictly accurate historical term; National Socialists. Of course, for Hitler’s Reich and all communist regimes past and present, the ultimate authority is Big Government, to whom they erroneously perceive of themselves as the ultimate authority and arbiter of our God given rights.

And especially given his “night of the living dead speech” on September 1, 2022, in truth a Fascist rant with blood red likeness background, so does a blithering, vapid and feckless president masquerading as America’s legitimately elected commander in chief, as he “governs” from what presently passes for the nation’s capital. Namely the Deep State sewer, not swamp of Washington DC, as swamps, opposed to sewers, have great ecological value.

Finally at the end of my ten month period teaching English in Poland from early September 2004 to late June 2005, I witnessed two metric tons of human hair at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp Museum. As such, I do not require an agenda driven pack global media or politicians, including a blithering, vapid, feckless and fraudulent Globalist puppet of an American president, masquerading as diverse free media or representatives of our rights, embracing for example, the Medical Fascism and crumbling narrative of chronically under-tested D.I.E.-quasi-vaccines, amidst the present immune imprinting pandemic of the highly multiple-vaccinated, telling me what’s far-right. as described by the world renowned Dr. Robert Malone. Also as described by Dr. Harvey Risch and N.S.W. data at

Photo taken by me at the Musgrave Park Freedom Rally South Brisbane Queensland Australia Saturday 18th December 2021.

Dr. Robert Malone’s “first rule of holes: ‘WHEN IN ONE, STOP DIGGING!!’” From 27 minutes Epoch Times interview of Dr. Pierre Kory dated July 26th 2022.The Epoch Times interview of Dr. Pierre Kory dated July 26th 2022.

Dr. Robert Malone’s dry sense of humour is again most poignant.

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I decided to list here the various options for buying my first book THE PASTOR AND THE MATRIARCH OF THE GERMAN UNDERGROUND AND THEIR TIMES: A POLISH PERSPECTIVE.












Book excerpts and the front and back cover designs in PDF format are available at


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Brisbane Freedom Rally Saturday 20th November 2021; my impressions.

On Saturday 20th November 2021 I made my way to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens to take part in the Freedom Rally against what are officially termed the nationwide vaccine mandates, but in reality are pseudo-vaccine coercions (PVCs), sanctioned upon a perceived global pandemic emergency, violating every fundamental right that are the very cornerstones of our Constitutional Monarchy, enshrined in our constitution. Of course, this has become a worldwide scourge driven by a globalist elite of super-rich, who believe that such endowments bestow upon themselves the wisdom to decide what is best for the so-called “global common good.” If we are to be “lab rats” for their agenda, then in the eyes of George Soros, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Barack Obama, Tony “Gain Of Function” GOF Fauci, Peter “Gain Of Function” GOF Daszak, Pope Francis, Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden and co, then so be it.

In Australia, their willing accomplices are our State and Federal governments, with the most virulent being the socialist Victorian Premier Dan Andrews. In America, it is the fraudulently elected Biden-Harris neo-Marxist-Globalist junta, which given Biden’s ubiquitous gaffes, suggests effective direction by Barack Obama in his unofficial third-term, ruling from the sewer of Washington DC passing for the nation’s capital, aided and abetted nationwide by WOKE-DEMRAT state governors, as they trample on the Constitution of the American Constitutional Republic at every turn. Here it’s worth noting that Barack Obama’s mentor during his adolescent years in Hawaii during the 1970s, was the avowed communist Frank Marshall Davis, Communist Party USA member #47544, of whom in his memoirs, he wisely referred to as simply “Uncle Frank.” A fact suppressed in the most part by global pro-PVC Mainstream Media. (See Paul Kengor’s book “The Communist”)

The Friday before participating in the Freedom Rally, near the end of work, I called my mate and former work colleague Gary. Near the end of the conversation he informed me that he was attending the Freedom Rally. Up until that point I had not attended any such live events, but by the evening I had decided it was time to get away from the laptop for a day and immerse myself on the ground in the fight to preserve the constitutional rights our diggers fought for. Rights that are indeed under assault by our very governments as they comply with their globalist overlords in fraudulently claiming to represent our best interests amidst the globalist invoked pandemic emergency.

Of course, only through an emergency, which in this case had its genesis either via self-serving totalitarian incompetence or malevolent intent of the genocidal Chinese Communist Party (CCP), of whom are held in the highest regard by the aforementioned globalist elite sociopaths, could such rank and obscene abuse of our constitutional rights be inflicted upon us. Namely, a complacent and overly-compliant populace, ignorant of history, in particular the history of Communism and National Socialism, who have come to take our basic freedoms all too much for granted. As such, they are easily manipulated by a media, gradually over the decades, chronically subverted to the globalist agenda, of which the genocidal CCP is pivotal. Hence, how can such a global Main Stream Media – MSM or indeed now Marxist Stream Media, either served by what Lenin dubbed “useful idiots” or indeed willing accomplices, have our best interests at heart? As a quintessential LUI – “Lenin’s Useful Idiot,” Channel Seven’s US correspondent Tim Lester springs forth.

As I entered the gardens just after eleven o’clock from the eastern end of Albert St, it was more than apparent to me, that this was going to be much more than a rally of some lunatic white-supremacist fringe, both in terms of sheer numbers and diversity. Before long, I ran into Falun Gong faithful from Taiwan telling them that I subscribe to The Epoch Times newspaper and video channel founded by their faithful after fleeing the CCP persecution initiated by Jiang Zimen in 1999 for America. A persecution which continues this day, including the marketing and supply of forcibly harvested human organs. The banners they displayed included:

We’re All Suffering
From Covid-19

Because of the

Sign the Petition
to help End the CCP

Which I indeed, dutifully performed.

The first banner however that I photographed featured:

Coercion ≠ Freedom

As the needle spanned opposing cliff faces as the “bridge to freedoms” of entertainment, travel and jobs.

To which a later banner proclaimed:






Moreover, will the pro-vaxers still feel freedom after the 23rd jab??

Caricatures of the socialist Dan Andrews as Hitler were prominent, although given his status as Chairman Dan, indicative of which, was his signing Victoria up to the CCP global Belt and Road initiative debt trap, a caricature as Chairman Mao Zedong would have been a little more accurate. Moreover, it was the CCP that invented the blunt and destructive instrument of LOCKDOWN, so voraciously embraced by the Victorian Chairman, to which he is now seeking in the new Pandemic Bill, the right to declare an emergency, even in the event of of no pandemic, on his individual whim. It’s worth noting here, how the western world adopted LOCKDOWNS purely upon the testimony of mass murdering petulant sociopaths in Beijing, claiming that by mid-March 2020, they now had it under control, as the virus exploded throughout the world, thanks in small part to their litany of cover-ups aided and abetted by the obsequious CCP mouthpiece that is the WHO.

Moving on, a huge banner chronicled the deaths globally of dozens people dying from the vaccines. Many only in their early twenties or teens. This is criminal, as many experts have bravely attested that such age groups have much higher probabilities of dying from the vaccine than the virus itself, which has overwhelmingly been shown to be much more deadly to elderly people than the young. Yet politicians globally, ignore such evidence, and persist with this Medieval mindset of deeming people as clean and unclean. Such is scientism, beholden to the agenda and ideology of the ruling class, not science, as the latter explores all possibilities to ascertain the truth, antithetical to today’s globalist media apparatus.

Before linking up with Gary, I had a very strange encounter with a bloke holding a magazine with someone on the cover wearing the Jewish Star of David, which from September 19, 1941 German Jews were forced to wear just before being deported east. This prompted me to photograph it and say to him; “I have studied National Socialism and Communism all my life,” to which he replied; “many people have misapprehensions about Communism.”

Naturally, for someone attending this rally, I found this statement astonishing! The lockdowns and pseudo-vaccine coercions (PVCs) are essentially the very epitome of communism. As such, what was this commo doing here?? As I was now in a hurry to link up with Gary, I just left it at that. Looking back however, given my meeting with the Falun Gong practitioners just minutes earlier, I could have used the retort; “tell that to the Falun Gong followers over there! They can educate you on the CCP’s forced human organ harvesting!” Moreover, some weeks back during a Freedom Rally in Boston Massachusetts, the radical left anarchist Antifa attacked Freedom Rally participants deeming them and their rally as white supremacist. In Melbourne, a good mate of mine Peter, has informed me of Antifa plastering posters everywhere proclaiming; “Don’t be a scab! Get the jab!” Which begs the question, would Antifa deem the Aboriginals participating in the Brisbane Rally, as white supremacists?

As I was so focused on the Star of David, it was only when I got home and downloaded the photos to my laptop, that I noticed the name of the magazine; “Red Star – Workers of the World Unite!” Looking back, it appears to me that communists wish to infiltrate this movement that is the very antithesis to their agenda. This is nothing new, as communists over the decades have infiltrated many key institutions antithetical to them in the west such as the churches, government, education and of course the media. A perfect case in point is Pope Francis, the first Jesuit and Marxist Pope, for one thing, approving the CCP appointing of Catholic bishops and ignoring its numerous persecutions of Catholics, and indeed, people of all faiths, Western and traditional.

Soon after this bizarre encounter, I linked up with Gary, his wife and friends. At the podium, speakers were addressing the crowd with music played and sung in between, while we talked about issues that had compelled us to join this rally. At about 1:45 pm we finally commenced our march out of the park, with the number later estimated to be over 100,000. As we progressed, I clicked away on my Canon digital camera, with short movies taken to capture the atmosphere of the march. Catch cries included; “Freedom over fear!”, “Sack the Palace Chook!”, “Sack Dictator Dan” to which I interjected; “Sack Chairman Mao Tse-Dan!”, “Tell the Truth, tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth” to which I embellished with “Yeah, tell the truth you gutless scumbags! We are sick of being lied to! Our diggers didn’t die for our freedoms to be taken away by this bloody scum!”

While shooting a later video, at around 2:25 pm, I described the march as one against the “pseudo-vaccine coercions or PVCs” as that is what these so-called vaccines, unleashed upon the world by a malevolent globalist elite to manipulate the people, are at best. Indicative of which, is how the criminal Anthony “Gain Of Function” Fauci (Director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, and the highest paid US government employee) and his ilk watered down the definition of “vaccine” from:

“a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.”


“A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”

In the late 18th century, the famous English doctor Edward Jenner pioneered the first genuine vaccine which eradicated smallpox. He then devoted the rest of his life to make it freely available to all. But over two centuries later in the early 21st century of WOKE enlightenment, a pseudo-vaccine of highly questionable efficacy and safety has been rushed through an approval process of just months when previous vaccines have taken on average, two decades to be approved. Big Pharma not surprisingly, rules out the possibility of herd immunity, a concept which Jenner himself used in developing his smallpox vaccine. As Julius Sumner Miller would say; “why is this so?”

Unlike the true altruist that was Edward Jenner, devoted to free access for all to his ONE-SHOT vaccine, we have a globalist big pharma ruling out herd immunity and now promoting the necessity for multiple booster shots, owing to the pseudo-vaccine’s waning efficacy over just a few months. A case in point being the super-vaxed nation of Israel, where in a recent outbreak, the government demanded that people now required a third “booster” shot to validate their so-called “vaccine passports.” In Gibraltar recently, where the entire territory was “vaccinated,” there has been an outbreak prompting the cancellation of Christmas celebrations. In the UK, the data has not shown the vaccines to deliver any real protection for the vaccinated as compared to the unvaccinated. Moreover, the unvaccinated can still spread the disease and natural immunity, that is immunity acquired by recovery from the disease is vastly superior to artificially acquired via the vaccine

Again, Big Pharma, Gain Of Function (GOF) Fauci and globalist co must be salivating at the mouth in anticipation of the endless cash cow that is their leaky vaccines. Moreover, would GOF Fauci, the highest paid US government employee, have big pharma in his share portfolio? To reiterate, will vaxed people still feel the sense of “freedom” granted by ever more bloated big government, increasingly sticking their gargantuan nose into our lives after the 23rd jab?? I think it’s crystal clear as to why GOF Fauci, big pharma and co felt compelled, after more than two centuries, to “update” the definition of “vaccine.”

As we marched past pubs, restaurants and cafes, I witnessed and photographed banners and signs in support of our freedom cause as people cheered us on. This contradicts the narrative I heard and watched on Channel 7 just after I arrived home, which asserted numerous pro-vaxers were bellowing against us as we marched by requiring vigilant action from the police to keep the opposing sides separated. Personally, I never noticed such incidents and moreover, during the march, I never at any stage felt threatened by anybody within or outside the march.

As we approached the end, I mentioned to Gary that I saw no journalists during the march. He told me that before I arrived, and before people started arriving en masse, he noticed some. However, as the numbers grew, they left. To which a gentleman in front us who overheard stated; “That is because the MSM do not want word of the size of this march getting out.” Certainly during the Jericho marches in Washington DC in early December 2020, protesting against the rampant fraud that defined the November 2020 election, MSM were likewise constantly understating the size of these marches.

When I arrived home, I did however catch a journalist interviewing a pro-vax observer around King George Square, who took issue to protesters dubbing the PVCs and their perpetrators as Nazis, claiming that the anti-vaxers are the true Nazis. Of course, MSM inevitably use the old foil of portraying anyone who challenges their narrative as Nazis. Moreover, after years of studying Communism and National Socialism, and viewing with my own eyes, almost two metric tons of human hair at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp Museum in Poland in mid-2005, I do not require an agenda driven pack global media, masquerading as diverse free media, and naive pro-vaxers resplendent in their trust of big government, telling me what’s far-right. On the other hand, feigned incognisance of far-left accountability by global MSM reporters, literally amidst the burning and devastation of the 2020 US summer riots, claiming that such “protesters” were mostly peaceful, is breathtaking. As is their synonymous and inexorable hypocrisy.

Most pertinent here as well, are the glaring similarities between communism and fascism. Both employ oppressive dictatorships pivotal to which are scapegoats, pariahs and enemies of the people to focus their rage upon to enhance the power of the ruling apparatus. In the process, people lose the ability to think critically and objectively, as they become dependent upon the apparatus of the ruling elite for guidance. In National Socialist Germany, the enemies of the people were the Jews, Gypsies Jehovah Witnesses and anyone not meeting the Aryan racial ideal. In Mao Zedong’s China of the Cultural Revolution from 1966-76, it was the bourgeois which included the land owning class, the educated, the religious and anyone associated in any way to the traditions of old China.

In the increasingly Marxist state that America is becoming, the scapegoats are ordinary white people deemed naturally racist by the dictates of toxic Critical Race Theory. To which the Biden-Harris junta complements with their obsession on Domestic Terrorism, while ignoring all leftist perpetrated violence. Hence, when Channel 7 criticised the Freedom Rally participants for not agreeing on the exact nature of the oppression, indicative of which were caricatures of Dan Andrews and Anastasia Palaszczuk as both communists and National Socialists, one must realise that what’s important here, is that both communism and fascism, are oppressive regimes that require scapegoats and/or enemies of the people to function. Their profiles may differ, but their intrinsic mechanisms of rule are identical. Hence, PVCs can be regarded as communist or fascist, but either way, they are oppressive measures to enhance the power and influence of big government in our lives. In short, the power to decide when and where to dish out and take away our freedoms at will.

When the march finished upon our arrival back at the gardens at around 3:30 pm, Gary and his company bid me goodbye. I stayed around however for another hour or so which gave me the opportunity to listen to and film various speakers. They started with Clive Palmer, and while I have had issues with him in the past, I have to admire his candour and courage in speaking out against this tyranny being unleashed upon the world by a globalist elite of sociopaths viewing the common people as nothing more than lab rats.

Benito Mussolini asserted that “The definition of fascism is The marriage of corporation and state.” And that is what we have today with these global PVCs. But do not forget that Mussolini was originally a socialist and the part played by the CCP in implementing this global misery being imposed upon us. Moreover, the violent radical left anarchist entity that is Antifa, asserts that anyone who rejects the jab, is a white supremacist as was proven when Antifa attacked the recent Freedom Rally in Boston Massachusetts. To reiterate, whether you call it Fascism or Socialism/Communism, both extremes of the political spectrum have a history drenched in terror, oppression and genocide as they implement ever expanding control over people’s lives.

Another speaker was a brave nurse, sacked for refusing the PVC jab. She commenced her speech with the upside down Aussie flag to highlight Australia as a nation under a stress. Her question to the Queensland Labor premier Anastasia Palaszczuk was; “What are you doing sacking 7,000 nurses in the middle of a pandemic?” Later she highlighted the fact that Allan, the brother of Liberal (so-called Conservative) Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and the co-deputy chair of the body AHPRA – The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, implemented a gag order on doctors in regard to the pseuso-vaccines! This of course is not science, but rather scientism – pseudo-science in service to the global agenda, akin to pseudo-science engaged by the National Socialists in only publishing “science” conforming to their racial philosophy and world view.

This lady then highlighted how Queensland’s Health system is in crisis, greatly exacerbated by the sacking of such experienced and professional health workers, all in the service of a globalist agenda enforcing the injection of pseudo-vaccines upon an all too naive and compliant general populace. Raising the question; to whom is Anastasia Palaszczuk truly answerable it to? Clearly, it is not her constituents in the state of Queensland.

Another speaker I filmed was a doctor with decades of experience, wearing his stethoscope as he felt after his speech, given the gag order declared by Allan Morrison, he would no longer be able to practice. He commenced by reciting his Hippocratic oath which he saw as overriding any order given by bureaucrats clearly beholden to a powerful, malevolent and corrupt entity. It is people like this, rather than sports stars, of whom, all too readily, are inclined by reason of pure expediency, to obsequiously pay homage to violent Marxist entities such as Black Lives Matter, often working hand in hand with the violent pro-PVC Antifa. Such indeed was the case at the recent WOKE Olympics in Tokyo.

In all, this was a great day. At the same time in Melbourne, my mate Peter, born in Poland’s cultural capital of Kraków, was participating in his ninth or tenth march in protest against Chairman Mao Tse-Dan’s horrific Pandemic Bill. He was thrilled that I had just attended my first Freedom Rally and the following day, we exchanged notes over the phone for hours. Like me, especially given his early life living in communist Poland, he has a very deep mistrust of communism and senses like me, the dangerous path we are heading towards in what the globalists term “the new world order.” Indeed, NSW state government politicians have even openly admitted this “new world order” which will embody unlimited power of big government to regulate almost every aspect of our lives.

To which the PVC jab, is a most insidious instrument to that end. Our fight against it, has just begun. To which it’s important to spread the word far and wide on these Freedom Rallies in order to open the eyes of an all too naive and compliant general populace, brainwashed from decades of viewing the leftist agenda driven MSM. Ultimately, freedom’s price is eternal vigilance, fostered by critical thinking shining the light of day on the darkness that is globalism and their cohorts, the CCP.

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My message to Queensland Health on pseudo-vaccine coercion.

With the pseudo-vaccine coercion now in full swing in the eastern Australian state of Queensland, last Sunday, I submitted the following query online to the Queensland State Government:

I am wondering if you can explain the following made by Peter Daszak from the EcoHealth Alliance way back on March 27, 2015. See

Daszak reiterated that, until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, he said, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCMs (Medical Counter Measures) such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process, Daszak stated.

Given that Peter Daszak from the outbreak of the Virus in Wuhan was complicit in the suppression of all discussion on the Wuhan Lab leak theory, (See The Epoch Times Infographic) which more and more appears to be the most plausible explanation, rather than the natural origin to which no evidence has been forthcoming, I am concerned as the the true agenda of vaccine mandates in general. Namely, are they truly for the good of humanity, or for big pharma and the globalist agenda in general. Just asking.

All the best

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I now have a number of limited edition copies available on EBAY at They are high quality binded paperbacks of 935 pages printed in Taiwan on premium paper that finally arrived at my home last Thursday. As mentioned earlier, I hope to have American editions of the book published by Liberty Hill Publishing available in December this year. However, due to higher printing costs in the US, they will not be printed on premium paper like the limited Taiwanese editions. On EBAY, you can view photos of the limited edition.

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My first book is now up on Taiwanese sites for purchase, but only one has an English interface and they all require membership. That one is (You may have to click on the very inconspicuous and tiny black and white global icon at the top right hand side corner for English.) The shipping to America for the book would come to around $17 and the price of the book would be $35, for a total of $52 with shipping.

However, there is also an English language purchase page hosted by the Malaysian outlet Youbeli at, and they do have a guest checkout. There are about four Malay dollars to the American dollar, and I think shipping to America would be around $26 USD.

These books have been published by Elephant White Publishing in Taichung Taiwan. See and By late October, I hope to have the Elephant White ebook edition up on Google Play.

Presently, I have over 190 books sailing from Taiwan to my home in Australia. I should receive them by early October, and if you like, you can request a personally autographed copy from me. By that time, I will have a page set-up for payment via PayPal and major credit cards dedicated to such orders.

Excerpts of the book can be viewed at

And in order to address US and Western markets in general, I had in late August, commenced a deal with Liberty Hill Publishing in Florida at However, the Liberty Hill edition is presently only in the pre-production stage, and as such, will not be available until late November or early December. By that time, I will have the book and ebook available online through major Western retail outlets such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks etc.

Naturally, I will keep you posted; so check back here regularly.

All the best and God Bless you all.

Vince Barwinski

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A compelling German historical biography of faith, framed by religious, political and military conflict, set in the twin cataclysmic backdrop of both world wars, as seen from a fresh Polish perspec tive. The narrative is enriched with a wide array of compelling and heroic personal stories, including of many extraordinary women, such as the Junker matriarch Ruth von Kleist and her children, in defiance of multiple manifestations of tyranny. The central figure, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, of whom Ruth came to regard like a son, becomes disenchanted with the State Church’s appeasement of the National Socialist agenda, and transitions into a double life as pastor and spy. As the tension builds to the tragic climax, one can draw disturbing parallels with the modern-day subversion of all faiths, Western and traditional, and all other manner of human rights abuses in Xi Jinping’s People’s Repub lic of China, with tacit approval it seems, from the Vatican in Rome. Moreover, eerie parallels from the death throes of Weimar Germany for America in 2020-21.

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