My first book is now up on Taiwanese sites for purchase, but only one has an English interface and they all require membership. That one is (You may have to click on the very inconspicuous and tiny black and white global icon at the top right hand side corner for English.) The shipping to America for the book would come to around $17 and the price of the book would be $35, for a total of $52 with shipping.

However, there is also an English language purchase page hosted by the Malaysian outlet Youbeli at, and they do have a guest checkout. There are about four Malay dollars to the American dollar, and I think shipping to America would be around $26 USD.

These books have been published by Elephant White Publishing in Taichung Taiwan. See and By late October, I hope to have the Elephant White ebook edition up on Google Play.

Presently, I have over 190 books sailing from Taiwan to my home in Australia. I should receive them by early October, and if you like, you can request a personally autographed copy from me. By that time, I will have a page set-up for payment via PayPal and major credit cards dedicated to such orders.

Excerpts of the book can be viewed at

And in order to address US and Western markets in general, I had in late August, commenced a deal with Liberty Hill Publishing in Florida at However, the Liberty Hill edition is presently only in the pre-production stage, and as such, will not be available until late November or early December. By that time, I will have the book and ebook available online through major Western retail outlets such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks etc.

Naturally, I will keep you posted; so check back here regularly.

All the best and God Bless you all.

Vince Barwinski

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