About Vince

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Vince Barwinski, born in Sydney Australia in 1962, taught English in Taiwan in 2003 and Poland, the land of his paternal ancestors from September 2004 to June 2005. In Taiwan he met his future wife, whom he married on his return to Australia from Poland in October 2005. However, it was in Poland, in February 2005 that he came upon his inspiration for his first book “The Pastor and the Matriarch of the German Underground and their Times: A Polish Perspective.” Namely the bronze cross memorial to the German anti-Nazi Lutheran pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer in the modern-day Polish city of Wrocław – pre-WWII German Breslau and birthplace of Dietrich in February 1906. It was the dual history of this city and his amateur passion for history, fostered by his Polish born but German raised father, in particular, WWII history of Europe, that inspired him to write of Dietrich Bonhoeffer from a hitherto, unique Polish perspective, with lessons of history still relevant in today’s world. Not the least of which being, the religious oppression and subversion in Xi Jinping’s China, and the rise of the radical left in America in 2020-21, mirroring in many respects, Hitler’s Reich.