Andrei Illarionov article on the Biden-Putin duplicity in Ukraine taken down.

This post is a follow-up to my Russia-Ukraine blog article completed in May 2022 at:

In it, I mentioned the Russia Today article at (They are Putin’s English Language propaganda mouthpiece.)

and the BBC article at

both in relation to the British Mercenary Aiden Aslin.

Now, just last night (June 19th 2022), in the Russia Today article, I used my Tolstoy account to post the following:

“I found this fascinating article on the Moscow based at by Vladimir’s Putin’s former economic advisor from 2000 to 2005; Andrei Illarionov. Today however (June 20th 2022), it was taken down. No problem! Just go to the good old WayBack machine at and use Google Translate.

[This article on this Web Archive link has now (January 21st 2023) been chronically truncated. I have however, a FULL Google Translate PDF copy from June 2022 on my website at]

In it, Andrei talks of how Putin and Biden, in their complementary duplicitous agendas, intend for this war to drag on and on with no end in sight. I suspect, in accordance with their WEF overlords in Geneva, with their ultimate goal of triggering the Great Reset.

While the duplicitous Western media have reported incessantly on an imminent collapse of the Russian war effort, Andrei reports a far different picture with a blithering, vapid and feckless Joe Biden always telegraphing to Putin his intent to only continue support for Ukraine that prolongs the stalemate of attrition. Which in turn, is used as another pretext to continue the slide to global economic collapse.”

At first, it seems Russia Today accept it. But when I reload it, it is GONE!

I then tried loading that message without the URLs. But it seems any mention of Andrei’s name dooms the message to Russian FSB cyber oblivion! One variant survived one reload, but not the second.

However, the following pro-Russian sycophant message withstood seven reloads:

I read a BBC article on this guy, [Aiden Aslin] but I think this Russia Today story is telling the truth.

(Just search for it in the article’s comments section)

Here is the thing. Andrei is telling the absolute truth of the duplicitous agenda of both Putin and the feckless Biden (who we are 99.999999999% certain is manipulated by Obama.) And of course, the truth is equally uncomfortable for both of these duplicitous instruments of the WEF sociopaths in Geneva – namely Putin and Biden. (See my previous Russia-Ukraine blog article.)

As I just mentioned, I have uploaded a PDF of the Google English translation of Andrei’s article at

You can find “7. Intermediate conclusions” near the end of page 27.

And at the top of page 3 is this:

“The main goal of the United States, proclaimed by Biden, is not at all the victory of Ukraine (ayy, Mr. Austin!), not the defeat of the aggressor, not the liquidation of the criminal Putin regime, not the punishment of war criminals and those guilty of crimes against humanity, not the release territories occupied by the aggressor, not even stopping hostilities and not even stopping the killings of tens of thousands of civilians. Not! Biden’s goal, it turns out, is the victim of aggression itself – a ” democratic, independent, sovereign and prosperous Ukraine”. But what Ukraine should be like is not Biden’s business at all. This is the business of the Ukrainians, this is their country. Biden’s business, as the head of the largest and most powerful power in the modern world, should have been something else – to protect the victim of aggression, to restore violated international law, to punish the aggressor. But Biden does not set such goals for himself and his allies. Naturally, he does not promise Ukraine any so-called. “security guarantees”, the idea of which was so successfully slipped to the Ukrainian president by Putin’s agents in his entourage.”

To reiterate, I think it’s safe to say that Andrei is uncomfortably close to the target for both the cunning ex-KGB Vladimir Putin, and the equally duplicitous but blithering, vapid, incognisant and feckless excuse for a fraudulently elected U.S. president that is Joe Biden. Andrei’s article was taken down by Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass CommunicationsРоскомнадзорROSKOMNADZOR –

Finally, I highly recommend watching the interview in early May of Andrei by Jan Jekielek, the senior editor of The Epoch Times at

You can watch it by starting up a free trail account. I quote this interview extensively towards the end of my huge Russia-Ukraine blog article.

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