Globalist subversion of our faith leads me to the Latin Mass.

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Saturday September 16th, 2023


Globalist subversion of our faith leads me to the Latin Mass.

Back in July, I finished reading a chilling and eerie little book I purchased from my Latin Mass Church Library/Bookshop, which dovetailed perfectly with the book I’m presently in the process of reading titled Disinformation, co-authored by the highest ranking Eastern-bloc defector to the United States, Ion Michal Pacepa, and Ronald J. Rychlak, Distinguished Professor of Law at Mississippi State University.

The name of this eerie little book is AA-1025 – Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration Into the Church by the French Protestant 1965 convert nurse Marie Carré. It was originally published in French in 1972 under the title ES-1025, while the English version was first published in Quebec in 1973. In English, “AA” stands for “Anti-Apostle,” and the infiltrator, whose memoirs are documented in this book, who seemed to go under the name of Michael, was the purest, most ruthless, calculating and utterly disciplined and dedicated embodiment there of.

In the 1960’s, Marie Carré, attended an auto-crash victim – Michael himself, who was brought into her hospital in a city she purposely does not name. The man lingered there near death for a few hours and then died. He had no identification on him, but he had a briefcase in which there was a set of quasi-biographical notes. She kept these notes and read them, and because of their extraordinary content, decided to publish them. The result is the little book, AA-1025-The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle, about a Polish pre-World War II Communist, I suspect an orphan of the 1919-20 Polish Soviet War, adopted by a loving and devout couple of Polish foster parents that he treated heartlessly and appallingly, who purposely entered the Catholic priesthood (along with many, many others) with the intent to subvert and destroy the Church from within. Indeed, 1024 before him, and before World War II, he had indeed done so.

This little book, of Michael’s strange yet fascinating and illuminating set of biographical notes, tells of his commission to enter the priesthood, his various experiences in the seminary, and the means and methods he used and promoted to help effect from within the auto-dissolution of the Catholic Church. His intention, was to at some stage to destroy these notes, but of course, the unforeseen circumstance of his 1960s auto-crash death, has given us, through the diligence of Marie Carré, the opportunity to read them

Absorbing and compelling reading from beginning to end, it is must reading for every Catholic today and for all who would understand just what has happened to undermine the Catholic Church since the 1960’s – the decade of “free love” embodied in the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory’s Herbert Marcusa’s often cited “make love not war” and Vatican II. To which in his memoirs, Michael near the end, to a certain degree praises Vatican II, but laments its falling short of its ultimate objective, which will only be fulfilled sometime in the future with Vatican III – which is Michael’s envisioning of the final nail in the coffin of the church. The final sentence of his memoirs in Chapter 16, reads as follows:

But it will be only at Vatican III that I will be able to present myself with hammer and nails, not to nail God on His Cross, but rather to nail Him in His coffin.


However, as cold, cunning, calculating and cyborg like that Michael was, his arrogance could not foresee the auto-crash accident before he had the chance to destroy those chilling documents we would never have otherwise, had the chance to read. Near the beginning of chapter 8, Michael wrote:

Happily, this writing will never be published, for it is not a good example to my comrades.”

To which his unforeseen fatal car crash, inadvertently revealed agendas of Marxism coming to fruition as the West engages in cultural neo-Marxist engineered suicide:

The indissolubility of marriage also is an obli­gation which spurns the happiness of man. And those who speak about the welfare of the child ignore that the child will be much better off when it will belong to the State.” – End of Chapter 13

For example, in 1997, the Clinton administration gave financial incentives to CPS (Child Protective Services) to work with local police forces to remove children from their parents. Diego Rodriguez’s grandson Cyrus was kidnapped by police in Boise Idaho in May 2022. On Curtis Bowers’ Agenda Weekly in June this year, Diego shared the incredible story, lessons learned, and key advice for parents to prevent this from happening to them.

And again in Michael’s words …

As to the Sacrament of Holy Orders, which confers the power to exercise clerical functions, we will evidently have to keep it. In our Universal Church, we will need priests who will be teachers of some Socialist doctrine.

These priests will be able to establish feasts, using folklore, for example, because people need feasts.

But these feasts will be totally in honor of man, without any reference whatsoever to a god.”

At the Our Lady of Lourdes Novus Ordo church in the Brisbane suburb of Sunnybank, they were for the entire month of September, and into early October 2022, celebrating the “Season of Creation” – the worship of God’s creation, rather than God himself. Earlier that year, at Easter, given the Satanic like nature of the Globalist engineered dystopia we are descending into, I had resolved to start attending mass regularly. No doubt, this would have pleased my dear deceased father, with whom sometimes our relationship was rocky.

The church I attended initially, was the Sunnybank church, but I had issues with it, and could not establish any meaningful relationship with the congregation. As the months rolled by, it appeared more and more WOKE. In other words, as in Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s time during the time of the Third Reich, like an all to weak and supine Lutheran State Church. For one thing, not a word against the amoral COVID-jab mandates – a self-evident violation of our rights bestowed upon us by our creator as indeed acknowledged in the American Declaration of Independence.

Then, as I just mentioned, in early September 2022, the “Season of Creation” commenced, “resplendent” in its pagan/Globalist like overtones, props, posters and videos fused with a dubiously linked legitimacy to biblical text, which subsequent research revealed to me its thinly veiled or Trojan horse agenda beholden to the Globalist-WEF (World Economic Forum) Catastrophic Climate Change scam.

However, things came to a head for me on Sunday morning, September 18, 2022, when at the conclusion of the morning service, a three minute Vatican News YouTube video, originally at, but since taken down, but now on my website, [blasphemously] “resplendent” in a scene of not so renewable but unreliable wind turbine monstrosities, was played. Sitting at the front pew of the church, as Dietrich’s words rang through my shaking head, as I genuflected at the conclusion to mass as the video ended, I read a quote on the video screen from Jorge Mario Bergoglio – whose papacy I do not recognise, displayed immediately following the conclusion of the video. It was a message of inexorable hypocrisy from the Great Reset-Global Governance “Pope;” namely;

To stand up against the current paradigm to walk in the path of Christ.” (I am paraphrasing.)

As I turned around in disbelief at having Klaus Schwab’s enviro-Globalist fake science propaganda shoved down my throat at what was supposed to be Holy Mass, my heart was in my mouth and throat drier than the desert of the Israelites forty year sojourn out of Egypt. When I met the priest at the church exit, I extolled the fakery of the Catastrophic Climate Change scam, alluding to Patrick Moore’s book Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom and the plight of Dutch Farmers engineered by Klaus Schwab’s WEF and his compliant Dutch sycophant and treasonous Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

In essence, I vehemently objected to my church service degenerating into a Trojan Horse WEF/Globalist propaganda piece concealed in ostensibly altruistic and idealistic language of “saving the planet,” which had already compelled me to request a meeting with the Archbishop of Brisbane Mark Coleridge. That of course never happened. As in Dietrich’s time, like the Lutheran State Church, this church only wants to deal with soft issues as dictated by fake Globalist agenda driven science, not the ones that really matter.

At this point, I noticed I had the attention of this Indian stand-in priest, but then I think I started going too far. Firstly, I informed him of my non-recognition of Francis – the Marxist Pope, to which I still amazingly had his attention as he revealed to me, how he had issues with the Catholic Church, especially in regard to child abuse. Then I dropped the bombshell that I learnt from U.S. – Canadian Conservative Catholic Life Site News, that “Pope” Francis has been covering for paedophile priests.

I lost him there, because he worships Bergoglio. He thinks Bergoglio is the only “Pope” with the “GUTS” to stand up for children and against paedophile clergy. [He is deluded in that regard] He said he too was well researched and read, and also said he did not know where I got my information from. As he stormed away, I said “Life Site News.”

Clearly, Michael’s prediction decades earlier;

But these feasts will be totally in honor of man, without any reference whatsoever to a god.”

was materialising before my very eyes!

After this episode, I started to attend the Our Lady of Fatima in nearby Acacia Ridge. The head priest, Father Lam, was born in Vietnam, and at the end of September last year mid-week, I met with him for an hour. He told me, he would never entertain the “Season of Creation” because that was a distraction from the mass. And to his credit, he never did. But again, I could not establish any meaningful connection with the congregation. I think a poor congregation mostly struggling to make ends meet, as Father Lam told me, and thus only having time to listen to the most readily available media – namely a monumentally corrupt, supine and sycophantic mainstream media.

That changed however when in early January this year, through a serendipitous set of circumstances, I discovered the Latin Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes in the suburb of Oxley, which comes under the Society of Saint Pius X. When I first attended it in mid-January, I had no idea it was a Latin Mass. All I was told – “It is not WOKE!”

And indeed, it is not WOKE, rather AWAKE. Moreover, after mass, I’m nearly always among the last handful to leave three hours later. Of course, there is no pagan-like “Season of Creation”, to which, when I recall my episode at Sunnybank in mid-September 2022, they recoil in horror. As well, absolutely no reference during the mass or in the church to Bergoglio – the pure embodiment of Michael’s;

In our Universal Church, we will need priests who will be teachers of some Socialist doctrine.”

From Chapter 8 in AA-1025, a compelling love story imbued with a fascinating battle of sharp minds, ensued. To which it compelled me to concede that Michael, while no less contemptible, was still human – not a cyborg! His love interest was referred to in the book as “Raven Hair” and she was stunningly beautiful with an intelligence that exceeded her physical beauty.

The relationship was intense, and in the penultimate chapter 15, Michael documented a brilliant final letter he received from Raven Hair as WWII was coming to an end. She warned him, that even if he succeeded in creating his strange Godless church, he still would not have won …

“ … you will not have won, because God would not be diminished by it. In no way can you diminish Him, nor of course, kill Him. I weep for you because you are engaged in this childish war. This God whom you wish to destroy is every­ where, Master of everything. By Him alone you live; by Him alone you keep on living. You might suc­ceed in shaking His Church; this has happened many times during the last 2,000 years … but always it has revived more beautiful and stronger. The Church of Jesus Christ, Darling, has received the promise of Eternal Life; it knows and cries out to you by my mouth that the Holy Trinity will never abandon it and that all the attacks made against it are but trials which allow for purifying the Faith.”

and her letter closed with:

Darling, I would prefer that you never loved me on this earth rather than to know that you are, for all Eternity, in that place where tears never dry. For I love you.”

Then, in the final chapter 16, as Michael was preparing for a trip to America, to visit the most important Protestant sects in order to find out how to control them, he became apoplectic, when he was informed that Raven Hair entered a Carmelite Convent!

To which like Raven Hair, amidst the seemingly implacable global descent into Satanic dystopia, all Catholics, and indeed humanity itself, would do well to heed her words of faith calling us to action in Christ’s name:

“ … the Holy Trinity will never abandon it and that all the attacks made against it are but trials which allow for purifying the Faith.”

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