Story as told by his son of Polish war hero appallingly treated and dying in Hospital in Melbourne Australia during COVID dystopia.

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Subject: Story as told by his son of Polish war hero appallingly treated and dying in Hospital in Melbourne Australia during COVID dystopia.

Brief 90 SECOND VIDEO SUMMARY of Andrzej Vagner presenting the life story of his father Marian Czesław (Woznicki) Vagner as an example of WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO FOR FREEDOM.

Fourteen minute video of Andrzej Vagner presenting the life story of his father Marian Czesław (Woznicki) Vagner.


Andrzej Vagner LETTER ON HOSPITALS as dictated to me by Andrzej ON  July 13th 2023

In LOVING MEMORY Of Marian Vagner by his son Andrzej Vagner

Saturday 02nd September 2023

Dear Polish American Citizens Club

How are you? My name is Vince Barwinski and I’m an Australian part-time author/researcher of Polish descent, based in Brisbane but born in Sydney in 1962, who was put into contact with Andrzej Vagner from Melbourne in early July.

To which, it is on Andrzej’s behalf, that I wish to draw your attention to the story of his dear and amazing father Marian. He was a former Polish scout, who like my Polish father, his two sisters and mother, migrated to the wonderful and free country of Australia in the 1950s, leaving behind a European continent devastated upon the whim of a fascist lunatic.

Marian embodied the stunning defiance and belligerence that typified the classic Polish Spirit. He was born Marian Woznicki, in 1931 in Częstochowa and was a boy scout from before World War II, and proudly so throughout the Nazi occupation. He was involved in supplying food to Częstochowa’s Jewish Ghetto and faced the barrel of German guns – as just a child from 11 years-old!

Tragically however, one year ago in July 2022, the story of his ignominious death amidst the COVID dystopia in the Victorian state capital of Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital, under the Victorian state premiership of the Maoist Dan Andrews, in what you would have envisaged as a wonderful and free country of Australia, hardly befits the stature and defiant spirit of such a man. To which, it’s on the behalf of Marian’s dear son Andrzej Vagner, born in 1974 who has no Internet, that I am writing to you and spreading the story of his father’s ignominious and most ill-befitting death.

Firstly, there is a letter Andrzej dictated to me,i that he asked me to write to you. I quote:

What is happening is PURE EVIL. In Australia, if roughly 15% of the population had the same approach as my father MARIAN, there would have been NO lockdowns, NO curfews, NO jab mandates, NO jab injuries, NO jab deaths, NO suicides and NO business losses etc. Just a tiny bit of COURAGE would have made all the difference. Which you can then email to all people you know, Christians, non-Christians, you like and don’t like, FOR WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD AFFECTS EVERYONE.”

Then he asked me to attach the story of his father.ii As Andrzej put it:

The main reason why I am sharing my father’s story is to expose the truth and for people to use my father as an example, to gain some courage. To do whatever it takes to turn prisons like the former Alfred Hospital back into hospitals.

Together we can make a real difference, including, never allowing tyranny under the cover of lies to occur again….. I want my Dad’s story to be like a hand grenade ripping through all the [COVID manifestations of] bullshit.”

I identify with Andrzej’s story of his heroic Polish wartime father on several levels. Our shared Polish heritage being one, as well as my passion for history as embodied in my book The Pastor and the Matriarch of the German Underground and Their Times – A Polish Perspective inspired by my time in Poland teaching English from September 2004 until June 2005, and my autodidact father. I have excerpts available on my website, which include two complete chapters – of which Chapter 29 draws parallels with America of 2020-21 to a crumbling Weimar Germany, and the other on the Stalinist perpetrated Katyń Wood Massacre. Indeed, the latter has parallels with the COVID jab scam in terms of fabricating evidence to serve the narrative of a nefarious agenda.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read Andrzej’s tragic story of his father. And to reiterate, if you can spread and share this story around, Andrzej and I would greatly appreciate it. The death of his father Marian certainly did not befit one of such heroic stature and demands that it not be in vain.

All the best and God Bless

Vince Barwinski on behalf of Marian’s dear son;

Andrzej Vagner

23 Coates St

Bentleigh Victoria 3204


+61 3 9557 3225

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