Follow-up letter to Mark Coleridge: Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane on Sunday 13th November 2022

To: Your Excellency Mark Coleridge

Archbishop of Brisbane

Sunday 13th November 2022

Subject: Follow up to my letter dated November 05th and recent and most poignant letters exchanged between cloistered nun and Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

Dear Excellency

I pray again you are in good health. My name is Vince Barwinski and I decided today to write to you a follow-up letter to my recent correspondence to you dated the 05th of this month. In the latter, I discussed in depth the Cultural Marxist/Globalist subversion of the church that the Season of Creation programme embodied with its embrace of the politically driven science of “Catastrophic” Climate Change – ultimately linking it to the likewise nefarious and parallel agenda of COVID lockdowns and quasi-vaccines. In other words, in light of overwhelming evidence as outlined in my previous letter to you, if the same nefarious Globalist actors such as the United Nations and the trans-humanist Klaus Schwab chaired World Economic Forum (WEF) are peddling D.I.E. – Dangerous, Ineffective, Expensive quasi-vaccines upon the global population, then why in our Lord’s name, should we trust them in peddling the global economic wrecking ball that is their “Catastrophic” Climate Change Scam – CCCS?

Being a subscriber to the US-Canadian based Catholic Life Site News, I regularly receive notifications of their powerful stories shedding light upon the evil and insidious Globalist agenda perverting every institution, including even our churches, and usurping all aspects of our fundamental freedoms and liberties. In short, a veritable font of truth to counter the ubiquitous and incessant lies and omissions of truth that define our Globalist sycophants of propagandists – not journalists – populating our GIFN – Globalist Institutionalised Fake News. As indeed again, discussed in my previous letter to you.

The Life Site story in question documents a recent exchange of letters between a cloistered nun and Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. The first part of the piece is the nun’s letter to His Excellency, the second part is His Excellency’s reply. Front and centre, is the Vatican of Jorge Mario Bergoglio – Pope Francis – with his loyalties firmly in the trans-humanist Globalist camp – and the visions of the Polish nun – Saint Faustina Maria Kowalska (1905-1938) on on December 17, 1936 – the birth date of Jorge Mario Bergoglio – as indeed again, discussed in depth towards the end of the previous letter. I will now summarise some key points in this exchange.

The nun’s letter opened with the following:

I am writing to you on the occasion of the coming Feast of Christ the King, and I permit myself to share with you a certain fundamental question:

Is there still any meaning in celebrating and invoking the grace that this liturgical feast so longed for when it was instituted?

If the King of kings and Lord of lords (cf. 1 Tim 6:15; Apoc. 19:16) were to return today in His glory, would He still recognize His Spouse, the Church?

By asking these questions, I will seem irreverent and lacking faith in the promise, “the gates of hell shall not prevail” (Mt 16:19), that resonates as a hope to cling to for those few survivors of the wind of mortal apostasy that has invaded the Church. Well, the provocative tone of these questions summarizes the feeling of confusion of the few remaining faithful, faithful in searching for some reference to the Magisterium, a valid Sacrament, and coherence of life among the shepherds. I turn to you as to a “Voice in the desert” that so many times has illuminated so many lost and disheartened souls.”

Later, the nun described the impotence she felt after a lady who brought some donations to the convent said to her: “You know, I don’t follow these things very much, but it seems to me that the direction the Church has taken lately is not so good…!” Her counsel was a simple appeal about the need to intensify our personal prayer, but the nun felt she left the lady in her ignorance, as it allowed herself to ‘identify’ only with that ‘church’ that she felt she did not really represent. Hence her sensation of great impotence, in the impossibility of being able to give exhaustive and truthful answers.

A few minutes earlier, the nun had read the exhortation of Pope Pius XI when, one hundred years ago in his Encyclical Ubi Arcano Dei he had exhorted Catholics about their duty to hasten the return of the social kingship of Christ. A sort of ‘moral duty,’ of a personal and collective commitment. To which she asked his Excellency:

Is this commitment still valid? And how should we put it into practice if the “Church” is no longer the “Church”?

The letter Ubi Arcano Dei was the beginning of the institution of the Feast of the Kingship of Christ, which took place in 1925 precisely in order to avoid the mess that we have experienced in the recent years. In that encyclical, the Kingship of Christ was understood as the remedy to secularism and to all of those errors that – at a distance of one hundred years – have been generously welcomed by many prelates, bishops, cardinals, and even he who presents himself as the representative of Christ and who under this insignia has promoted the ruinous acceleration of the flock “deceptively” entrusted to him.”

Moreover …

Francis is considered to be the pope, albeit an apostate, but is he the pope? Was he ever the pope?”

When Pilate asked Jesus what truth was, despite having Truth Himself right in front of him, the gaze of Christ, the Judge of the world, penetrated the mediocrity of the weak man who stood before him. Pilate trembled for a moment, but the glamor of his personal pride prevailed. Christ the King returns today in the same form and looks the bishops and cardinals in the eye, those who do not recognize the Crown of Thorns that He has worn in their place, assuming the price of their betrayal, their pride, and their unworthy blindness.”

And in relation to Saint Faustina Kowalska, she wrote to His Excellency …

I recall having read in the Diary of Saint Faustina Kowalska – the saint of Mercy – that one day Jesus appeared to her completely scourged, covered in blood and crowned with thorns: he looked her in the eyes and said to her “The bride must resemble Her Bridegroom.” The saint understood what was meant by that call to “nuptiality,” to sharing everything. Probably this is the form of recognition of the Kingship of Christ that our historical moment is demanding personally of every true Catholic.

Yes, it seems to me that this is the vocation of the “true Church” in our time: of that little flock which, meeting the gaze of Christ the King mistreated and disfigured by blasphemy and perversion, still has the courage to give a response of love, fidelity, and consistency of conscience that is unable to deny Him, because otherwise it would deny Christ the King just as did Pilate, Herod, and all the leaders of the people.”

Her concluding paragraph I welcome as much as I abhor the Godless and Satanic-like trans-humanist agenda of Klaus Schwab and his disciple Yuval Noah Harariwho professes “History began when humans invented gods, and will end when humans become godsand Francis’ appointment of pro-abortion World Economic Forum speaker Mariana Mazzucato to the Pontifical Academy for Life

I have asked you some questions that many are asking with such sorrow in their hearts, and I am certain that the Holy Spirit will give you the answers that will rekindle expectation for the return of the triumph of the Kingdom of Christ in society, in every heart, and over the entire face of the earth!”

Pacificus vocabitur, et thronus eius erit firmissimus in perpetuum!”

His Excellency then replied on November 4th to her as his “Reverend and dearest Sister” …

I read the letter you sent me with keen interest and edification. Permit me to respond to as well as I can.

Your first question is as direct as it is disarming: “If the King of Kings and Lord of Lords were to return today in His glory, would he still recognize His Bride, the Church?” Of course He would recognize Her! But not in the sect that eclipses the See of Peter, rather in the many good souls, especially in the priests, men and women religious, and in many simple faithful souls, who, even if they do not have horns of light on their brow as Moses did (Ex 34:29), are still recognizable as living members of the Church of Christ. He would not find Her at Saint Peter’s, where worship has been offered to an unclean idol; nor at Santa Marta, where the artificial poverty and inflated humility of the Tenant are a monument to his immense ego; nor at the Synod on Synodality, where the fiction of democracy serves to complete the dismantling of the divine edifice of the Catholic Church and to impose scandalous ways of life … So yes: the King of kings would recognize the pusillus grex, even if he had to look for it gathered around an altar in an attic, a cellar, or the middle of the woods.

And in regard to the appeal of Pius XI …

You ask me how to put into practice the appeal of Pius XI for the restoration of the social Kingship of Christ, “if the ‘Church’ is no longer the ‘Church.’” Certainly, the visible church, to which the world gives the name of Catholic Church and of which it considers Bergoglio as Pope, is no longer Church, at least with regard to those cardinals, bishops, and priests who convincedly profess another doctrine and declare themselves to be adherents of the “conciliar church” in antithesis to the “preconciliar church.” But are you and I, and the many priests, religious and faithful, part of that church or of the Church of Christ? To what extent can we superimpose the Bergoglian church and the Catholic Church, accepting that they are superimposable in some aspect? The problem is that the conciliar revolution has torn the bond of identity between the Church of Christ and the Catholic hierarchy.”

And his Excellency’s take on how Vatican II has enabled the ascendency of Francis to the papacy …

Before Vatican II it was unthinkable that a pope could have openly contradicted his predecessors in doctrinal or moral questions, because the hierarchy was very clear about its role and its moral responsibility in administering the power of the Holy Keys and the authority of the Vicar of Christ and the shepherds. The Council, beginning right with the anomalous definition it gave of itself and with the rupture with the past present in the elimination of the canons and anathemas, showed how it is possible, for anyone who does not have moral sense, to hold a sacred role in the Church even though unworthy in the three aspects that you have duly enumerated: “Magisterium, valid Sacrament, and coherence of the life of the Shepherds.” These shepherds, deviants in doctrine, morality, and liturgy, do not feel bound to the fact that they are vicars of Christ, and of thus being able to govern the Church only if their authority is exercised coherently with the purposes that legitimize it. This is why they abuse their own power, usurp an authority whose divine origin they deny, and humiliate the sacred institution which in some way guarantees the authority of those Shepherds.”

Moreover …

This rupture, this violent tear, was consummated on the spiritual level at the moment in which the authority of the prelates was secularized, just like what happened in the civil sphere. Wherever authority ceases to be sacred, sanctioned from above, exercised in the place of He who combines in himself the spiritual authority of Supreme Pontiff and the temporal authority of King and Lord, it is there corrupted into tyranny, sold with corruption, and commits suicide in anarchy. You write: “Christ the King returns today in the same form and looks the bishops and cardinals in the eye, those who do not recognize the Crown of Thorns that He has worn in their place, assuming the price of their betrayal, their pride, and their unworthy blindness.” In those same features, dear sister, we must recognize the Holy Church. And as we were scandalized in seeing her Head humiliated and mocked, scourged and bleeding, wearing the robe, holding a reed, and crowned with thorns, so we are scandalized now in seeing in an analogous way the entire Church Militant laying prostrate, wounded, covered with spit, insulted, and mocked. …

The Bride must resemble Her Bridegroom.’ And you continue: ‘Yes, it seems to me that this is the vocation of the ‘true Church’ in our time: of that little flock which, meeting the gaze of Christ the King mistreated and disfigured by blasphemy and perversion, still has the courage to give a response of love, fidelity, and consistency of conscience that is unable to deny Him, because otherwise it would deny Christ the King just as did Pilate, Herod, and all the leaders of the people.’”

And in conclusion …

Your letter, dearest sister, is for all of us an opportunity to reflect on the mystery of the passio Ecclesiæ that is so near to what is happening in these terrible times. And I conclude by recalling the “provocation” of the Non prævalebunt: just as the Savior knew the shadow of the tomb, so we must know it will happen to the Church, and perhaps it is already happening. But He will not allow his Holy One to know corruption (Ps 16), and He will make Her rise just as He Himself rose from the dead. In this sense, the words “The Bride must resemble the Bridegroom” acquire their full significance, showing us how only by following the Divine Bridegroom up the steep slope to Golgotha will we be able to merit to follow Him in glory to the right hand of the Father.

I exhort you to draw spiritual profit from these thoughts, as I impart to you and your dear fellow sisters my fullest and fatherly blessing.”

Your Excellency, I indeed realise the following, as indeed likewise was the above, will sound provocative and blunt, but in this world of ubiquitous and incessant Globalist agenda driven lies, I have no choice but to reaffirm His Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò and the truly faithful cloistered nun when I proclaim:

I do not recognise the apostate-trans-humanist Jorge Mario Bergoglio – Pope Francis as my Pope – but rather in accordance with the spiritual consistency my conscience demands; His Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.”

Finally, in closing, as I ask Your Excellency’s blessing, I am Yours respectfully in Christ, in the spirit of John the apostle;

I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.” – Revelation Chapter 1, verse 9.

Vince Barwinski

PS: Given the clear and self-evident signs of Jorge Mario Bergoglio being the Globalist Trojan Horse as the ostensible “Vicar of Christ” to destroy the church from within, I have again included the annex of the “Social Justice” centred World Economic Forum Agenda Map with appropriate commentary to explain the true motives behind what seem as eminently altruistic and admirable objectives.

Your Excellency, many of the goals stated in this graphic seem eminently altruistic and admirable. However, the truth is often the exact opposite. For example, “food security” is the pretext by which Dutch farmers’ livelihoods are under threat from their virtual communist government of the WEF aligned prime minister Mark Rutte.

The concept of “Equity” while sounding idealistic, is in truth incredibly toxic, as it is based on coercing equal outcome rather than providing equal opportunity. The links between the COVID-19 and Climate Change agendas are clearly illustrated on the outer circle with the idealistic Social Justice at its core. However, when one realizes the dystopian Orwellian trinity of Marxism, Fascism and Crony Capitalism that epitomises the WEF, and Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution from 1966-76, itself based on Social Justice and Equity, this agenda map represents not a path to utopia, but rather, the path to hell on earth as exemplified by the canary in the coal mine that is Sri Lankai and the energy Armageddon now descending upon Europe.

And again from the outer rim, are the concepts of Global Governance – One World Government and Corporate Governance – which Benito Mussolini himself defined as Fascism:

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

The consequences of which have already included the global debacle of the COVID-19-quasi-vaccines. To which it is most poignant here to quote Peter Daszak from the EcoHealth Alliance way back on March 27, 2015. [Yes, March 27, 2015!]:

Daszak reiterated that, until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, he said, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCMs (Medical Counter Measures) such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process, Daszak stated.” (Just like the “Catastrophic” Climate Change Scam requires hype!)

Peter Daszak from the outbreak of the Virus in Wuhan was complicit in the suppression of all discussion on the Wuhan Lab leak theory, which more and more appears to be the most plausible explanation, rather than the natural origin theory, pushed so vehemently by Anthony Fauci. See OR ALSO AND

Finally, the notion of “No Justice, no peace and security” for me, seems more like a blank cheque to justify the perpetration of endless leftist violence as exemplified in the 2020 American Summer riots. See for example the full Chapter 29 excerpt of my book at

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