Why I will be voting NO to the “Indigenous” VOICE — The Marxist political instrument to hijack our Constitution

On Saturday the 14th October 2023, Australia will be holding a referendum on the Indigenous VOICE to parliament to be enshrined in our Constitution. Ostensibly; this “VOICE” will simply be an Indigenous advisory board to the parliament and Federal government for the deployment of funding to Indigenous affairs in accord with Indigenous concerns, previously ignored.

However; I will be voting NO against a blank cheque for the Marxist hijacking of our constitution as embodied in the FULL Uluru statement, not just its warm and fuzzy single page version. For example, I quote the following on page 21:

“There is a potential for two sovereignties to co-exist in which both western and Indigenous values and identities are protected and given voice in policies and laws.”

See also the 85 second video and the excellent and chilling 26 minute expose.

Moreover, Megan Davis has exposed the Yes campaign’s motives, claiming the Uluru Statement is:

“utterly consistent with America’s [Marxist] Black Lives Matter movement.”

In my piece on the 2020 American Summer riots and much more, search for key terms like “Black Lives Matter”, “BLM”, “FRSO”, “Antifa” and “Andy Ngo” (His book is a must read!). I can assure you, the riots in the wake of George Floyd’s death were NOT spontaneous. See the three minute video and pages 8, 9 and 10 of my piece.

At the time of George Floyd’s death in late May 2020, when I was trying to make sense of what was happening in America, I may have been somewhat sympathetic to the VOICE. However, given what I know now … absolutely NOT!

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