Palm Sunday 02nd April 2023

To some, my blog may appear quite radical. However, that is only because the rise of Cultural Marxism in the West, embodied in its toxic philosophy and pseudo-religion of WOKEISM, has radically shifted the frame of reference in the West for the political centre.

Compared to when I was growing up in the seventies, all I am pushing for are traditional values and fundamental freedoms and liberties and a media with a modicum of truth and balance. Amidst however, a world of ubiquitous deceit and lies, telling the truth is a radical or revolutionary act. Moreover, it seems that anyone who questions a corrupt government’s narrative or agenda driven “experts” with obvious conflicts of interest such as the WHO – Wuhan Health Organisation chief and mass-murdering Ethiopian communist Tedros Adhanom or the mass-murdering medical fascist Anthony Fauci, as described in Robert F. Kennedy junior’s (nephew of JFK) meticulously researched book The Real Anthony Fauci, is radical. (This book is essential reading for every literate human-being on planet Earth.)

Yet, at the same time, as described in my Chapter 29, the far-left radicals of Freedom Road Socialist Organisation (FRSO), who upon their own admission, instigated the 2020 Minneapolis riots in the wake of George Floyd’s death, are perceived as heroes by our corrupt leftist media. Just watch this three minute video which is cited in my Chapter 29.

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This is a mob, as discussed and cited in my Chapter 29  from their very own website, perceives the June 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre as the legitimate suppression of counter-revolution in China! And glorifies the burning of Police Stations! I quote from their website:

“Some people say real change is impossible. Burning police stations and millions of people in the streets this past year suggest otherwise. We want to abolish capitalism and replace it with socialism. This is not some dream; it can be a reality if we work – and fight – for it.”

Of course, this does not align with the agenda of a corrupt leftist media. Anything on the left, no matter how radical and destructive is good, while anything just the slightest right of centre, is bad, bad, bad, bad! But as I write in my Chapter 29:

“The Epoch Times were founded by Falun Gong practitioners who fled China for America on account of the heinous oppression perpetrated upon them by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) since July 20, 1999. Now ironically, in the “free” country of America, their multi-cultural staff report the truth in the face of an ideologically driven mass-media of pack journalism, which to reiterate, mirrors in so many respects, that of Berlin and Moscow of the 1930s, and indeed, modern-day Beijing. Mainstream media inevitably use the old foil of portraying them as far-right, but after years of studying Communism and National Socialism, and viewing with my own eyes, almost two metric tons of human hair at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp Museum in Poland in mid-2005, I do not require an agenda driven pack global media, masquerading as diverse free media, telling me what’s far-right. On the other hand, feigned incognisance of far-left accountability by global MSM reporters, literally amidst the burning and devastation of the 2020 summer riots, claiming that such “protesters” were mostly peaceful, is breathtaking. As is their synonymous and inexorable hypocrisy.”

To which, watch the following Twitter video which I cite in my Chapter 29:

Caption in video reads: “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests after police shootings

Hence, in the eyes of a corrupt leftist agenda driven media, yes I am indeed radical, yet Freedom Road Socialist Organisation are moderate and their acts of violence severely downplayed or simply not discussed. Anything from the left after all, cannot be bad!

More than anything, it was the lies of our corrupt media, severely underplaying the violent leftist riots in the American Summer of 2020, with ludicrous claims very early on, that they were perpetrated by White supremacists groups to discredit Black Lives Matter and other radical leftist groups, is what led to the inexorable contempt and mistrust I now have for our corrupt media, that will never be restored.

Finally, I have just completed my latest blog article on the blatantly politically motivated Manhattan indictment of Trump. I explore the historic parallel to the Stalinist purges of 1938 and the chronic Cultural Marxist WOKE driven decline of America with its fundamental denial of reality. Hence once again, emphasising in the West today, the radical shift to the left of the political centrist frame of reference.

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