My Easter 2023 message to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg

Hi Alvin!

Why is your indictment of Donald J. Trump so weak? What is its true objective?

I think my following three posts on MAGA Quora are more than relevant. — Remember, John Bolton, just like you, hates Donald J. Trump’s guts! — NOTE my hilarious reference to the Road Runner! Road Runner goes BEEP BEEP!! — Distraction being the core theme addressed here.

Ohhh…and my blog article at:

Stalinist 1938 purges being the core theme here.

I understand that as a George Soros funded leftist, you would consider me a radical, to which my blog article HERE is also relevant reading for you.

Hence, from your leftist political frame of reference, do you consider Antifa and Freedom Road Socialist Organisation moderate? If you do, I liken it to the mob that on one hand screamed for the crucifixion of Jesus, but on the other, the release of the murderer and brigand Barabbas, being supposedly moderate!

Certainly something for you to ponder this Easter! And overall, I would luvvv to know your thoughts!

Happy Easter Alvin!


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