Message to Reverend Deacon Andrew O’Brien of Brisbane Archdiocese in wake of Wieambilla

To: Andrew O’Brien

Reverend Deacon

Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane

Wednesday 21st December 2022

Dear Reverend Deacon

Recently, my attention was drawn to the following YouTube video.

It was in relation to the rabid hypocrisy of our corrupt media in regard to the Wieambilla shootings, which subsequently compelled me to write the following to all the main outlets of the Australian GIFN – Globalist Institutionalised Fake News – as indeed this tragic event, given the GIFN spin, is clearly about so much more than the tragic deaths of police officers and the neighbouring property owner at Wieambilla.

Surprisingly, I received a reply from the SBS complaints department, who asked for clarification, immediately raising in my mind the question, had they truly read my blog link above? Indeed, this paragraph from it, I feel, makes the justification of my complaint, more than abundantly clear:

With the true nature of the global ideological battlefield now summarised, it’s time to address the horrific shoot-out at Wieambilla. Whereupon, as your pro-D.I.E.-jab Nuremberg Code violating Globalist narrative crumbles, you deemed it was necessary to politicise the fact that the shooters who had legitimate concerns with the Nuremberg Code violating D.I.E. experimental jabs, was to be justification of blanket condemnation of anti-D.I.E.-COVID–jabbers in general.”

[D.I.E. — Dangerous, Ineffective, Expensive — search also for the key term “Molech”]

Anyway, I did write a clarification, and I have also posted it on my blog at

[Again, search for the key term “Molech”]

As further evidence of the crumbling and desperate pro-D.I.E.-jab Nuremberg Code violating Globalist narrative, is this article I was emailed today from Robert F. Kennedy Junior’s Children’s Health Defence.

to which, in regard to this rabid and ludicrous “official” and theorised study, I retort:

The trouble with this “OFFICIAL” and essentially AGENDA-DRIVEN THOUGHT EXPERIMENT study, is that it does not address D.I.E. Experimental Nuremberg Code violating jabbed drivers, or even worse, likewise jabbed airline pilots, who could easily die suddenly while driving or flying. How about an “OFFICIAL” THOUGHT EXPERIMENT study for that???”

And on other disturbing matters in Canada, Reverend Deacon, the following:

Just a day or two ago, Adam Exton, Director of Parliamentary Affairs at Health Canada and part of the group that orchestrated the response to the madness of Canada’s totalitarian mandates against its own citizens, has suddenly passed away aged only 35. The silence of the corrupt media globally is deafening, and further exacerbates their hypocrisy over the shootings at Wieambilla.

In the third and last link, I found something truly disturbing:

Consultation roundtables on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) on behalf of the Parliamentary Secretary.”

And this:


This Canadian government policy of counselling, yes counselling assisted dying for even say the depressed has disturbingly become more and more common. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, for anyone willing to wake up, there is something deeply nefarious and evil on an unprecedented scale going on in the world.

Which in closing, compels you and a timidly compliant church, to not spin the politically expedient Globalist hoax of the “Catastrophic” Climate Change Scam, embodied by your “Season of Creation” programme celebrating God’s creation rather than God himself, but rather hold the GIFN, government and Big Pharma, such as a scandal riddled Pfizer, in a malevolent union of Medical Fascism, to account.

That is indeed, what the late Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and indeed still living Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav would demand. To which would you deem Vera a far right extremist? Eerily she stated, “Germany lost World War II, but not the Nazis.i

In closing, as I ask Your Reverend’s blessing, I am Yours respectfully in Christ, in the spirit of John the apostle;

“I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.” – Revelation Chapter 1, verse 9.

Vince Barwinski

i The Executive Chair of the World Economic Forum – WEF; Klaus Schwab since its inception in 1971 as the European Management Forum, which was renamed the WEF in 1987, was born on March 30th 1938 in Ravensburg Germany near the Swiss border. He was a life-long protege of Henry Kissinger and his father Eugen was managing director of the Swiss company Escher-Wyss, which used slave labour and Allied prisoners of war, as well as producing key technologies for the production of atomic bombs for Adolf Hitler. See and and The Wikipedia article at states that Klaus’ birth mother was Erika Epprecht, but this is a lie. His biological mother was the Jewess Emma Kilian who abandoned Klaus on December 9th 1938 fleeing to New York about one month following Reichskristallnacht – National Night of Broken Glass when Jewish businesses and establishments were vandalised all over Germany. The genealogical data for Emma Kilan proving her as the biological mother of Klaus Schwab is at See also In short, it seems you are beholden to a child of National Socialism – of whom, with Satanic like zeal, has dedicated his life to the inexorable encroachment of big government into every aspect of our lives. Thus embodied in an Orwellian-like dystopian trinity of Marxism, Fascism and Crony Capitalism – the latter Schwab refers to as “Stakeholder Capitalism,” to enable the destruction of our fundamental liberties and freedoms imperative to the very existence of our Western Civilisation. As the Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav eerily elucidated: Germany lost the Second World – but not the Nazis! [From 1:11:55 – See also Operation Paperclip]

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