Eight false assumptions of pseudo-vaccines and time for Christians and the Church to stand up like Dietrich

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This is a must see interview of Dr Peter Alexander by Cindy Drukier of the Epoch Times where Dr Alexander methodically rips apart the eight false assumptions/mantras of the pseudo-vaccine narrative.



The eight FALSE assumptions of the pseudo-vaccines discussed by Dr Alexander are:


1) Vaccines prevent catching/transmitting COVID-19 — FALSE
2) Risk of COVID-19 equal for all, including children. — FALSE
3) Unvaccinated endanger others, so need mandates, passports… — FALSE
4) Fully vaccinated people pose no danger. — FALSE
5) Vaccines wane so we need regular boosters, and this is safe. — FALSE
6) Vaccines are better than natural immunity. — FALSE
7) Can only vaccinate out of the pandemic. — FALSE
8) Above is backed by studies & cost-benefit analysis. — FALSE


What is poignant to remember is the name of Cindy’s show — “The Nation Speaks.” During her show people off the street are interviewed for their thoughts on the issues raised during her show. While some people are duly aware as to the truth of what’s going on, you hear some rank “sheeple” answers from what a mate of mine dubs the 80 percenters, including those morons who think we can only protect our kids by vaxing them twice, thrice, four etc and now their is already talk of five.

My mate Vincent on Friday morning told me while driving back from the gym, he heard on Brisbane Christian radio 96.5FM their sycophantic approval of the rollout of vaccines for 5 to 11 year olds. He asked me if he was missing something? To which I replied, just another Christian entity taking the easy way out by saying politics is outside the realm of practising one’s faith or the Church’s responsibility. And moreover, how Dietrich Bonhoeffer could have easily done so himself in Weimar and Hitler’s Germany.

Of course, we know he did not, and given the learned family he came from which included Physical Chemist big brother Karl Friedrich, he would easily be perceptive enough to realise something is amiss with these pseudo vaccines with only a year’s worth of testing, when the average time is two decades!!!!

To me, 96.5FM personifies the weak Reichkirche or State Church of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s time that took the easy way out by quoting Paul’s letter to the Romans 13:1—5

“Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.”

But ignore for example the early Christians standing up to Caesar and the Romans. (I discuss this in Chapter 8 — “Institutionalised Hatred — The Nuremberg Laws” of my book.) And, how if they just did a modicum of real research, would realise that kids have more chance of dying from the so-called vax than the virus — as explained by Dr Alexander and a multitude of other brave medical professionals who refuse to sell their souls to the Globalist-Marxist agenda and blindly follow the government’s “truth.”

In closing, I think this video from Sam Sorbo of a doctor who survived the Khmer Rouge killing fields is most poignant. (And his death ultimately in Los Angeles is very suspicious to say the least.)


All the best guys and God Bless

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